Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Restoring honor in DC

This past week we went on vacation to Washington D.C. for Justin's b-day!  If you don't know - Justin loves Glen Beck, and when we heard there was a rally in D.C. I knew he had to go.  Thanks to Justin's parents who so kindly bought our plane tickets and accompanied us, we had a blast.  There were way more than a half-million people there. It was incredible!  We happened to stay in a super sweet hotel not to far from the White House and all other major memorials including Jefferson and Lincoln.  The day before the rally we went to check out Lincoln memorial where the event was being held and we happened to be right there crossing paths with Glen and his aunt-rouge . Justin's dad got to shake his had.  We were super jealous. 
Justin helping {k} cool off.  He loves this picture because it looks like he is peeing.  Such a guy thing, such a dad!
There were Sooooo many people there, everyone so kind and nice.
Happy Birthday Justin!  You are so loved....

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Lyndsi said...

Oh. my. gosh. You are alive. LEILANI! Where have you been all of my life?! I am so glad you are doing great!


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