Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ain't nothin' but a hound dog

Guess what the wind blew in and the wife blew out?  Ranger - our new hound dog as of Wednesday night.  Guess who we sold tonight (Sunday)? Ranger!  Justin did it again...  Last summer Justin got "Buddy" Satan's span.  After several months of large stinky poop, our yard almost in ruin (the list goes on) we got rid of him.  This summer we he went for a cute cuddly puppy.  I must admit he was super cute and fun.  Until night time and then the switch flipped.  This little yaper yaps all night. I'm not kidding- I have eye bags to prove it.  We researched teaching dogs not bark. It suggested spraying the face with water.  So at 2 in the morning I finally grabbed a cup and was throwing water on it, but then it started drinking it... not my initial intention!  This morning Ranger found himself on KSL and who can resist.  Sleep tight ______. Hope you are glad you bought him come morning.  I know I will sleep tight - Sucker! 
(Side note:  I have a commitment from J-dawg that we are not ever going to have another dog while we are in this house.  You are my witness blogger.)

In honor of Ranger

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