Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lemonade: 25 cents / Lemonade stand: Priceless

Every American kid has to have a lemonade stand

Several weeks ago Kyle decided that he wanted to earn money for his mission fund. He wanted to have a lemonade stand and serve customers. So to work we went. We made yummy lemonade, made a sign, set a price, and waited...

so what's the problem mom? Why aren't they coming?

chillin' waiting for the next person to serve

Who can resist this?

The pay off!!! Wahoooo

Thanks to all those who purchased lemonade from my little slugger!

Just Peachy

One of the best things about summer is all the yummy fruit! Juicy peaches are at the top of my list. I was so excited to can them this year. I canned 48 pounds, but it sure doesn't seem like that many since we have already opened two jars this week. I guess I had better head back the Lin's and buy more! Yummy Yummy for my tummy!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Justin,
Happy Birthday to you!!

Here are three (ok really six) reason why we love you:

1- You always tell me I'm pretty and treat me like a princess - Sydney

2- You act like a three-year old when you play with me, and you let me be your shadow - Kyle

3- You are the best husband ever and are so thoughtful - Leilani

We love you so much and hope that you have the best b-day ever!

funny story:
Yesterday, The kids and I ran to Walmart to get Justin's present. While getting out of the car I realized that I had left my wallet at home. It was no big deal though because Justin was working and I figured he could just run over and bring me his debit card. So I went in and called on their phone (I had also left my cell phone at home). He didn't answer. So I called again. And again. And again. Then I decided I would walk around the toy aisle to kill time, until he would answer. Then I called again. And again. And again.... So then I decided to go home, because what good is Walmart without money? When I got home I called him again, and he answered! He said that he was arresting some people at WALMART for drugs and theft... HELLO - the whole time he was at WALMART.... On isle 10 in the grocery section waiting for the tow truck to come. Are you freaking kidding me - I took my kids to WalMart for nothing ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG. AND HE WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME - Are you laughing, because I wasn't:(


So the present I bought him was a gun safe... after getting it home I realized that I didn't have a key for it... so I called WalMart and the intelligent beings there had no idea where it would be, and told me that I should probably return and buy another one. However that was the only one in the entire store. I have to talk to manager on monday to see if he knows where it is, and if not Justin will never get to open his present. Gotta love Wally World.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Virus Woes

Holy Cow... Talk about a kick to the pants! Our computer got hit with a nasty virus and just about put our computer under for good. Luckily our computer fixer-upper-man saved the day and got it up and running, but then of course we had problems connecting to the internet. So, a whole whopping 2 weeks later...Here I am again!
WAHOOOOOO. Boy how I missed blogging.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stupid dag blast it fly #$%@#$^#$%^#$%^&

I am sitting here trying to blog, and this stupid fly won't leave me alone. Normally if a fly gets in the house it just hangs around the window, waiting for its untimely death. But this dang fly won't get off of me and it has the nerve to land on my nose, and I very well can't wack myself with a fly swater. EWWW and OUCH! But the worst thing is that I actually showered today.... So leave me alone! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

How sad I'm angry and having dialogue about a fly...

So I tried

I am still new at this blogging thing, and am still trying to figure it out. I tried to blog our trip in order but it didn't work...obviously.... start at TRADITION and then work your way up!
We told the kids that they have to kiss the fish they catch.... I bet they'll be mad when they are older and realize that it wasn't neccesary. Kissy Kissy Fishy Fishy
Bump on a log... Thanks for keeping our fishing poles in working order!
The master at work
...and that's just the half of it!

The legendary spider-man pole... You think I'm kidding? This pole caught more fish than any of our other poles. Spider-Man
you the man... You can't touch this
(cue MC-Hammer)
can't let my three-year old show me up
two of kind
Why fish when you can eat?


Last year my mom and her husband went camping up in Beaver mountain (so we don't really know if that is what the mountain is called, but since the mountain is above beaver -we call it "Beaver mountain") anywho last year we envited ourselves on their trip and had a blast, so this year we went again! The torturous sleeping conditions (meaning Sydney is the worst camper ever, who cried all night) won't stop us.... It's a TRADITION! Not only is she the worst camper, but the messiest. It's hard to tell who's dirtier...

Sydney or the dirt...

Kyle: "Mom that is biggest shark I ever saw"

Grandma and the happy camper The boys roasting their second round of "smushmellows"
Camping in "Beaver Mountain" is the best, but the highlight is the FISHING........................


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