Saturday, May 30, 2009

To lazy

To lazy to blog, yep that's me! I have a million events that I need to blog about ie. Syd's birthday. My computer doesn't have a spot for a photo card, and I blame it on that... In the time I wrote this though, I could have booted up the lap top. Hum....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Coupon humor

My latest obsession are coupons...It's all I do or think about. I have wanted to post a pic of my new pink binder, but thought that might be a little nerdy. My greatest excitement in life is Sunday morning when six news papers are at my door step, and Tuesday when the stores adds come out! I found this and thought it was all to true...

Open Letter To Husband's of "Couponers"This letter was given to me to submit by my dh:This is for husbands of women frequently referred to as “coupon ladies” or better yet this is for the husbands of women that have just discovered “couponing”. Here are some rules, hints, and suggestions:

1. “Couponers” have their own special communication/language that they use to communicate with each other. You will need to learn this language if you ever plan on having a conversation with your wife again. A small example of what your wife might say to you: “Honey, I went to Wags and BOGOed shaving cream which was a MM because it produced a RR. And then I went with my GC to Rite Aid and got the items that were FAR which turned into a MM as well. And then because I had some expiring ECBs went and got some of the MM items at CVS too. We really need to get some more ink for the computer so I can print more IPs.”I would translate that sentence but I got lost at the first BOGO.

2. Real men do indeed shave with pink razors if that is what was free or nearly free in the past few months. You will also find that your shaving cream now smells lightly floral and comes in light pink or green cans.

3. Your favorite foods will become a thing of the past as you learn to eat new and exotic foods. Some you will like. I never knew that ice cream from various manufacturers could taste so different, but I am willing to taste them. Some you won’t like. Kashi – it takes a special man to admit to liking twigs and sticks and this man does not.

4. Your soap now has green netting around the bar of soap so that it doesn’t slip out of your hand while showering or your body wash smells like cucumbers, coconut, melons, etc… I am not fond of the body wash that smells like a Moroccan massage parlor. When you are meeting up with your buds to work on a car you really do not want to smell like a Moroccan massage parlor. But you will learn to smile and hide the pain. Just gently tell her “Honey I think these would be a great item to donate to charity.”

5. You will find stockpiles of items in the least expected places. I went to the coat closet to find my work boots. On the floor instead of my boots were stacks and stacks of toilet paper. Ummm, do we really need to have enough toilet paper for the whole subdivision for the next year? According to my wife the answer is yes. Men, you will learn to respond by saying the following, “Of course dear, you are right.”

6. Your friends and family instead of coming over to watch a football game now come to shop at your home for groceries and green bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

7. You will learn not to disturb your wife on nights when the sales paper comes out. Especially if she has her “coupon binder” and is “matching up sales”. Hint: In the event of a fire – don’t bother grabbing the insurance papers, grab her coupon binder.

8. Do not even think of arranging anything on Sunday’s before or after church as she is busy hitting up the stores with coupons.

9. You will discover that your meek, mild and loving wife turns into a fire breathing creature you never knew existed if a cashier or store manager tells her that the reason she did not get her RR was because she used a coupon or that she can’t use a particular coupon. Pray hard if they accuse her of coupon fraud. If this occurs you will discover her speed dial #s 1-10, well none of them call you. They are reserved for the corporate headquarters of her favorite stores.

10. Never ever ask why she is bringing home 5 more tubes of toothpaste when you already have 100 plus tubes in the guest bedroom closet. Suffice it to say if she brought it home, just tell her what a fabulous shopper she is and how proud you are of her.

11. You will start to recognize other husbands of “coupon ladies”. Look at their lunch. Do they have children’s juice boxes as drinks, packs of starkist tuna (I do believe we have more tuna in the guest bedroom then our local grocery store has on their shelves.), small toothbrushes called Wisps, they smell slightly floral and there is a small handmade coupon good for BOGO kisses and hugs.There are many more things I could relate to you, but when it is all said and done you will discover she has saved you a lot of money and it seems to make her happy. And when she is happy …. So am I.
My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown

Square Foot Gardening

You may or may not know that I prefer a day in my yard, rather than a day in my house. I love yard work, and I love gardening. Last year my friend Krista introduced to me to the concept of "square foot gardening". It is not for everyone, but I love it. My yard is somewhat small, so it is vital that I use every square foot wisely. Hence the concept! We have two 3x6 boxes that are squared off by the foot, you'd be surprised by how much you can plant in one square foot, and it looks neat and organized. When my entire garden has sprouted I will post some pictures, plus I am excited about my new garden area along my rock wall! By accident tonight, I stunbled along this cool web site that helps you plan your garden, it's brilliant. I wish I had found this earlier, my drawings every spring are rudimentary compared to this simple and fast way. Check it out here, and give it a try! Also, I highly recommend Mel Bartholomew's book. It is my second bible!


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