Friday, December 31, 2010

BIg happenings - small surprises

I have been away most this month because Christmas has became a TON of work.  I am clearly going to have to start earlier next January or something!  We had a fairly horrible Christmas (who can say that!!) The week prior Kyle was VERY sick with strep throat and then the week of Christmas our family had the stomach flu, which was lovely because Kyle and Justin were on their puky death beds Christmas Eve.

However some exciting things have happened.  Justin purchased a Nikon Camera for us and it will arrive on monday, and there is one other small surprise... but that will have to wait until I get my camera!  BUT your gonna die...... or at least I did!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nursing covers at Ebay and free movie tickets

Hey ya'll just wanted to say that I have joined the Ebay family and am now selling Udderly Me there, as well as my own site.  Many thanks go to J Dawg -  really he is the one that did all the work {considering I am not so smart with technical things ie my blog posts that I just can't figure out how for them not to be wonky!}  Any ways please go check me out!

Free movie tickets have you heard????

General Mills is having a deal.  When  you buy two boxes of cereal you get a free movie ticket -  I know!!!!!
We were in Walmart yesterday and I saw the deal.  I purchased 2 (of course), entered in my code today and it really worked. I am now holding my very own free movie ticket for Cinema 8.  And I'm going to sure as heck go buy more because it's a really good deal and this time I am hoping to use coupons in addition!!!  
By the way have you seen Tangled?  Soooo cute, but I'm sure you have all seen it...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Best crafty gifts I've seen

Here are my fav crafty gifts. And thrifty too!

1. Juice top ornament.  The crafty chicks dot com


2. Picture holder.  Shanty 2 Chic   


3. Notes plate.  House of Smith's  {of course!}


Thursday, December 2, 2010

modest fashions

Really who doesn't love fashion?  I found this blog linked to vintage revivals {yes - I squandered my time today blog hopping}.  This clothed chick is amazing. I guess I like her because she reminds me of my super cute and stylish sister-in-law.  What is it with Asians...they are so fashionable!  So check this blog out.  It really makes me want to go into my closet and put outfits together and not wear my hubby's pj bottoms all day.  Just a thought!
 Seriously go look around her blog she is inspiring!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Every year we get our {tree} from the exact same area.  It is a super hard to find location and we love it!  Well this year has been a year of tradition breaking.  Example - we didn't go to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins (we went to smith's instead), we didn't carve them (we ran out of time), we didn't shoot them at the shooting range on our way to get our tree (we were running out of daylight), and the spot where we normally get our tree was far to snowy and there was no way we were making it up the road.  So we backed down the super snowy road, then Justin and Kyle scaled the mountain side and found the perfect tree!  Justin is pro tree picker now.  He wouldn't dare come back with anything less than perfect.  Boy is he trained!
                                Sydney and Kade opted out for warmth, Christmas music and snacks!

                                  I don't even freak out any more that Justin saw's our tree in the living room {on the carpet} Married life has taught me that he measures once and cuts at least 5 times!  The last two always in the house!!!!!

                                                           I love big chunky decortations

                        My tree topper in this pic looks like the Grinch's hair. You know  - Jim Carey!

                              I signed up for a table decoration for our Relief Society Christmas dinner.  This is my super quick practice rendition.  I love how chargers at so much to a table setting.  I bought these from Walmart last year on clearance they are great to spray paint for every season ie black or orange for Halloween and then red again for Christmas.  You get the jest... I scaled the mountain side for the sticks and the white curly's are from Krumpets.  I wish I would have taken pics with the final setting at the actual event.  But really this is how I roll!  O well.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lookie Lookie

Look what I have in my garage!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We have a winner

 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

And the winner is...

Kellie @ The Yeates Family!!!

Okay... so the winning comment that Kellie left was actually what nursing cover style she preferred... but I HAVE to share her embarrassing nursing story... because it was SO funny!

We were waiting to board an airplane. My husband went to go check to see if we could preboard yet. I had my three kids, a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a newborn (all boys). My baby needed to nurse so I thought I was being sneaky, found a place I could sit on the floor and lean up against the wall next to the play area, and keep an eye on both of my boys, while nursing. Until, as I was finishing I realized that I was leaning back against a glass partition that was two stories over the escalators going up to all the flight gates. I was flashing every passenger who came up that escalator for at least 20 minutes!
Thank you House of Smith's for such a fun time.  I can't wait to get Kellie her nursing cover!! 


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Musical everything

My dad is staying with us for several days so we are all playing musical beds.  My dad is in the kids' room, kids are in my room, I am on the couch, and Justin works all night.  Do you envy us right now?????  Must be the theme in our house right now - musical everything! Which by the way, I must have burned my self out with our house redo. I am so close to being done, but I can't muster the energy to bring our the paint roller again.  I do have hooks on the board and batten and I love it!

Warm reception

I am so thrilled by the warm reception from everybody over at House of Smith's, what a way to spread the word. The last several days have been so rewarding, and has provided some very funny reading!  If you have several minutes to kill, go read all 100+ comments from my new friends.  Some comments are stinking hilarious, it warms my heart to know I am not the only one who has "nursing stories."  

Thank you for all your kind comments!

P.S.  to all of you "new" followers, my blog is under construction! I can't wait to soon have a sweet blog home to live in.  Stay posted, this were I will have my updates and other important info for nursing covers and other products in the works.  Thanks!

Monday, October 11, 2010

House of Smith's give-a-way

After the birth of my third baby, in late March, I was sitting on the grass at the park letting the other kiddies play, and baby {K} needed to nurse.  I pulled out my old nursing cover and realized that my whole back side was hanging out, so I put the car seat behind me, which really didn't solve the problem because my sides were hanging out--I know you are laughing because you've been there before! The sad part is that all of my other mommy friends were having the same problem; we weren't able to nurse comfortably.  They say necessity is the mother of invention..Well, this mom had a necessity, which no other nursing cover was filling!  Udderly Me covers are NOT your average nursing covers.  These are made for the real mom who has a back, two sides, and who is not always nursing in a chair.

Udderly Me covers are great for many reasons:
  • Chic, high-end design choices, made for the stylish mom.
  • Provides "all-around" modesty.
  • Versatility. The front cover can be worn alone, and the back covers can snap on and off easily as needed. .
  • Adjustable length Velcro tabs attach on either side to keep cover in place on windy days or when baby decides to kick.  Tabs can quickly be tucked away when not needed with a snap!   
  • Boning allows mom to see baby at a glance.  
  • Arms are able to move in-and-out of cover with ease. 

    Your "all-around" best nursing solution!
      GIVE AWAY:
    any cover of choice, it also will come with a flower embellishment!

    here is what you have to do

    1.Go check out
    leave a comment on house of Smiths about any funny mommy moment you might have had or seen on the subject of nursing and/or give me the name of your favorite nursing cover from Udderly Me.
    2. Become a follower of Udderly Me blog.
    Make sure to leave a comment in addition if you become a follower.

      Wednesday, October 6, 2010

      fall fever redo - middle and afters

      I have a bad case of spring fall fever.  Several days ago, Justin was in a particularly strange mood.  The kind where he doesn't mind moving furniture... Well, I jumped on made the most of the situation and I'm guessing that he is regretting his every move {no pun intended}!  It really all started when I found my killer table while at a yard sale, and another more resent find -  a massive mirror for $10.  I refinished both and I LOVE them.  So we have been trying to find the right placement for our front room for almost four years now, but because of several design dilemmas (I'll post later about) we never figured we could move the furniture where we really wanted.  Well, we did it finally - and we love it.  The room flows much nicer than before.. Funny how furniture placement can set the tone for the room/whole house!

      But....{in my world}
      Once your move the armoire, then you have to move the picture, once you move the piano you have to move the little red dresser, then you have to move the couch, then you have to move the entry table, then you have to get rid of the green wall that you used to love but have been wanting to change for a LONG time, then you have to paint the entry because you are sick of the f aux wall treatment and that means this...

      Blue paint and Board and Batten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Which looks like this...
      Side note:  I am terrible at taking before and afters.  I always get into a project and then remember - oh ya!  Since the title: "middle afters!"  And my camera doesn't take great pics....maybe for my b-day. hint hint
                    Mirror - $10 Mapleton yard sale {That town has the best yard sales btw}The frame was an ugly old wood color nothing special.
                                               All painted and glazed.  Waiting to be reunited with mirror!
      Kind of regretting color choice at this point.  But I can't tell "J Dawg" that.. He'll freak. I have to stick with blue and make it work.  I am sure it will great?!?  My whole idea was to lighten and brighten???
                                                                Once again middle after...  The entry used to have a black entry table, lamp, and other what not that used to blow off {literally- since I live in the windiest city of all Christendom}  Not any more - say hello board and batten!
        FYI: over at House of Smith's. Shelley has an awesome tutorial for board and batten.
                                         Can't wait to show you how it going to look - Hello Gorgeous!
                                        The hallway was lined with pics, but those are now going on the blue wall...
                                        And these are now not over the piano, but are hangin' out in the hall way
                  " The table" with lame fall decor- I am making a trip to Ikea this weekend so I can jazz this baby up
                                                              Look at those sexy legs- so curvy!

                     And now you must wait for the final reveal. Poor "J dawg" is working his fingers to bones!
                       FYI: In the mood to paint??? These guys have several coupons out on Grocery Smarts right now.

      Sunday, October 3, 2010

      The great reveal

      What a ride this has been!  I have not been this busy, happy, and crazy ever all at the same time... Udderly Me is nearing the finish line. I want to take a minute and pretend this is an awards show {you know like the Grammy's or CMA's}.

      I want to first thank Justin, my best friend, obviously I could not have done this without you... I would not need a nursing cover if not for you{!}, Thank you for your support mentally and financially.  Thank you for saying "yes" to my crazy antics and playing along.  Thank you for not caring when the house is/was messy. I love you.

      Thank you friends/family.  You know who you are.  Thank you for letting me pick your brains, call you a million times, and for your listening ear. Thank you for giving honest criticism and ideas.  Thank you for having babies so that I am not alone.

      Thank you models.  Thank you for willingness to share your beauty and time.  I appreciate that you would put on these covers and act like you feel so glam.  I am so grateful to have such gorgeous nice friends - you all were wonderful!

      Thank you web designer Devon.  Mr. Devon is fantastically talented.  I first came to him with just an idea. He took my idea and turned it into a functioning company.  Thank you for countless hrs, and thanks to your wife who helped carry my covers during photo shoots while 9 months prego!

      And the award goes to.....................
      My kids.  The reason I need to cover my back!

      If you have not done so already, please go check out

      Red Rock Relay Review

       I never did post about our Red Rock Relay in Aug.  Better late than never!  What a blast.  181.5 in less than 30 hrs with 12 friends - what could be better than that? The above pic is Justin taking off for his first run -The Diablo Destroyer!
                                     This pic is me taking off for my first run. Didn't know it was going to be Diablo #2...just sayin {although I can't complain, because I ran the least of all} It really was a great run, I love the smell of two rotting carcasses infested with flies.  But it gets better...
       This pic is of me at the end of my first run...  I was passed by several people.  NOT HER THOUGH!!  I threw out my elbows and sprinted.  Really I sprinted and Kicked her trash :) {side note:  she probably started 10 min after me and stilled gained all that distance, and later that day, I saw her in the bathroom @ SUU - I hid behind a wall so that she couldn't come kill me.  Just sayin...
                                                          Umm. Ummm. you didn't smell after this run at all!
               Proud team member of Frank the Tank - never heard so many bowel movement stories in my whole life.
                                                               The Fit the Fat the Elderly

      Sunday, September 5, 2010

      Busy Body

      I have been ultra busy sewing, running and otherwhat not...This week for me is do or die. Why? I'll show you
      My wonderful web designer needs these bolts to be something so that he can show pictures of the actual covers on the website...which is looking fantastically fabulous.  Have you seen my logo he designed. SMILE - SMILE - SMILE.  It is so how I feel when nursing - he nailed it!
      Next on my list for the week is to {start training} for the RED ROCK RELAY that I will running this friday!  You read it, I'm now training -better late then never I say. 181.5 miles/12 person team...I'm the weakest link and I am going to die.  You are all invited to my funeral {all 5 of you who read this}!   Should be fun though..

      And among other things I need to clean my house, laundry, primary program, pick and can peaches, run, run, go see a cool magician that {Mr. K} is excited about from Kindergarten, run, and the list goes on!

      And for some randomness, this is a picture of friends. These kids have known each other since in the belly.  They are all weeks apart. Fun eh?  Mine are far left.

      Tuesday, August 31, 2010

      Restoring honor in DC

      This past week we went on vacation to Washington D.C. for Justin's b-day!  If you don't know - Justin loves Glen Beck, and when we heard there was a rally in D.C. I knew he had to go.  Thanks to Justin's parents who so kindly bought our plane tickets and accompanied us, we had a blast.  There were way more than a half-million people there. It was incredible!  We happened to stay in a super sweet hotel not to far from the White House and all other major memorials including Jefferson and Lincoln.  The day before the rally we went to check out Lincoln memorial where the event was being held and we happened to be right there crossing paths with Glen and his aunt-rouge . Justin's dad got to shake his had.  We were super jealous. 
      Justin helping {k} cool off.  He loves this picture because it looks like he is peeing.  Such a guy thing, such a dad!
      There were Sooooo many people there, everyone so kind and nice.
      Happy Birthday Justin!  You are so loved....

      Monday, August 23, 2010

      Emergency Tooth Fairy needs help

      That is what Justin saw in his txt from me this morning at O a 6:30am (He is working graves and should have been home at 6).  Kyle came in my bed room and was super sad.  "Mom, something really bad happened. Pause. The tooth fairy didn't come and my tooth is still under my pillow."   mom (in my head):  AHHH CRAP!  So I had him climb in my bed and convinced him that it is technically night time, and that he/she is still probably making the rounds.  I turned my phone on silent and quickly txt'd Justin the above message. Luckily Kade was in bed with me and was fusing, so I told Kyle I would be back, I was going to put Kade back to bed - right!  So then I frantically try to hide the tooth (it was in a baggy so tooth fairy could find it.-don't you find that funny) and then tried find a dollar.  Couldn't find one, so I stole a dollar out of Kyle's own piggy bank.  Now how bad of a mom am I?  Really. I went back into bed, then seconds later Justin comes haulin' in the door trying to find money.  We are a joke...  Heaven help me on the next 14 teeth or however many there are!


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