Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fall fever redo - middle and afters

I have a bad case of spring fall fever.  Several days ago, Justin was in a particularly strange mood.  The kind where he doesn't mind moving furniture... Well, I jumped on made the most of the situation and I'm guessing that he is regretting his every move {no pun intended}!  It really all started when I found my killer table while at a yard sale, and another more resent find -  a massive mirror for $10.  I refinished both and I LOVE them.  So we have been trying to find the right placement for our front room for almost four years now, but because of several design dilemmas (I'll post later about) we never figured we could move the furniture where we really wanted.  Well, we did it finally - and we love it.  The room flows much nicer than before.. Funny how furniture placement can set the tone for the room/whole house!

But....{in my world}
Once your move the armoire, then you have to move the picture, once you move the piano you have to move the little red dresser, then you have to move the couch, then you have to move the entry table, then you have to get rid of the green wall that you used to love but have been wanting to change for a LONG time, then you have to paint the entry because you are sick of the f aux wall treatment and that means this...

Blue paint and Board and Batten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which looks like this...
Side note:  I am terrible at taking before and afters.  I always get into a project and then remember - oh ya!  Since the title: "middle afters!"  And my camera doesn't take great pics....maybe for my b-day. hint hint
              Mirror - $10 Mapleton yard sale {That town has the best yard sales btw}The frame was an ugly old wood color nothing special.
                                         All painted and glazed.  Waiting to be reunited with mirror!
Kind of regretting color choice at this point.  But I can't tell "J Dawg" that.. He'll freak. I have to stick with blue and make it work.  I am sure it will great?!?  My whole idea was to lighten and brighten???
                                                          Once again middle after...  The entry used to have a black entry table, lamp, and other what not that used to blow off {literally- since I live in the windiest city of all Christendom}  Not any more - say hello board and batten!
  FYI: over at House of Smith's. Shelley has an awesome tutorial for board and batten.
                                   Can't wait to show you how it going to look - Hello Gorgeous!
                                  The hallway was lined with pics, but those are now going on the blue wall...
                                  And these are now not over the piano, but are hangin' out in the hall way
            " The table" with lame fall decor- I am making a trip to Ikea this weekend so I can jazz this baby up
                                                        Look at those sexy legs- so curvy!

               And now you must wait for the final reveal. Poor "J dawg" is working his fingers to bones!
                 FYI: In the mood to paint??? These guys have several coupons out on Grocery Smarts right now.

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Zufelts said...

Tease! I can't wait to see it all finished!! I like the blue color =)


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