Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Layers of fun

Hey Everybody!
I am having a Layers Clothing party on Monday! Every thing is 20% off, and then the body shapers (which I hear are amazing) are 50% off! Let me know if you wan't anything, or come by -
8:30 pm. Hope to see you!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Smash Mouth

How embarasing! Shannette and I apperantly think alike, because we chose the same outfit. Krista said she was going to wear a black shirt also, but she was smart and chose not to!

Rockin' out
Rockin' out some more... I thought Sam was going to get in a dance war with
the kids next to him...
too bad!This little kid was crowd surfing and the band grabed him and he got to rock out on stage, play drums, and look really cool. Wish I was crowd surfing...

Who are you calling a Loser!?!
Smash Mouth was so much fun, they put on a suprisingly good concert and we got to see some really crazy people jamin' out. The best part was that Justin and I got out for some much needed time away from kids (even though our babysitter had never heard of Smash Mouth and made me feel ancient - I mean Hello -Shrek)!

Park City

Last Weekend we went to Salt Lake for Justin's military duties for Govenor's Day. We spent the first morning at the Rice Eccles stadium and then went up to Park City to stay at a Condo there. It was a fun weekend despite cranky children, and having to stop and change diapers every two seconds.

It was pretty neat to see a whole field of soldiers looking so neat, It made me feel so proud and grateful for all the men and women who serve!Govenor Huntsman inspecting the troops
Chopper Salute- Guess who thought that was cool?
Park City - Here we come

Justin and I wanted to go on some of the rides, but of course the kids were to little. We were leaving the ticket line, when a lady handed me a ticket for the Alpine slide. She had one to many and they were leaving. Talk about luck! So I got to go...but on the way down this kid caught up to me and was trying to race his sister. Unlucky for him, he got stuck behind me and of course lost! He was screaming at me all the way down, and kept bumpng me. Needless to say I screamed all the way down also!

We took a tour of Olympic Park and this is them on the bus ride

My Olympic gold walking the plank

Kyle at the top of the highest ski jump

We make one good Team

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catch Up to Moab

It seems that my blogging is either feast or famine. Lately we have been doing so many fun things. Several weeks ago we took a couple of days off and headed for the hills (Moab)! We had a new little cousin to meet and she was worth the drive all by her self! Baby Aubrey was so fun to hold and cuddle, and kyle never turns down a baby to hold! Welcome little Aubrey!
One of the days we headed up to the Lasal Mountains and checked out some property that Justin's dad is dying to buy. Grandma Lala packed us luch and we enjoyed it on the side of the road!
Yes - Justin is sitting in Sydney's car seat!
Kyle and Grandma Lala petting two very friendly squirels
One of the days we walked up to Wilson's Arch, which was perfect for the little ones to show their mad hiking skills! Justin told me that wearing flip-flops would be just fine on the hike - ah ya- won't be doing that again. Half way through we ended up walking barefoot, because scaling sand rock was a little too dangerous... Thanks Justin for all your brilliant ideas!

The Cousin's pose for {picture crazy} Aunt Leilani
Just outside of Moab is this tourist trap. It's pretty cool because this couple dug the inside of the mountain out, and made a home inside. You can tour it, but we are to cheap.
Checkin' out the petting zoo

Papa Bo took us to Recapture Near Monticello to go boating, it was really fun but we ddin't get to lake until 6:30 that night. CRAZY!!Kyle is not much of a water man but he is sure cute!

Crazy Papa Bo - Thanks for taking time to be with us. It's easy to make memories when we're with you!

We are so proud of Sydney. She actually went wake boarding with dad but we left the camera in the truck and didn't get a pic until she was done! She did so well and really enjoyed the wet and wild ride!

Do you like the Photography? It was fun, if you look close enough you can see our frozen smiles:)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The yummiest Salsa ever

So I have decided that I hate store bought salsa, and since I have a garden I have been patiently waiting for my tomatoes to ripen! Well, that day came yesterday and boy was it worth the wait. My friend gave me this super easy yummy recipe: Try it and see how you like it. It's for sure the best I've ever tasted!

4 cups Tomatoes (obviously)
handfull of cilantro
2 cloves garlic
1 onion
1 seeded jalapeno
lime juice - approx 2 limes
salt to taste

{I didn't measure anything - just eyeball it}

I took half the batch and put it in the blender for a sec. It made a perfect chunky but not to chunky mix!


Catch up

When my computer crashed I had a list of things that I intended to blog about. I've had this post in the works for a while... so here are the two mystery weeks in a nut shell!

1- I was so excited to do my official Breaking Dawn post, but didn't get to:( So here is a version of what it would have been: Yes, I too read it and Loved it. It was by far my favorite of the four. {So the original post would have been much more exciting, but it's been a month now!}

2- Second but certainly not least... Breaking news: Sydney is finally Walking!!For those of you who may not know, We have been awaiting this day for a very loooong time. she never crawled- just scooted on her bum. Finally at 15 months she did it! She is so much happier, and needless to say, so are we!

3- Kyle started preschool and is loving it. He is attending preschool in Enoch, and goes from 9am-1pm monday-thursday. I was originally really worried about him as he is not always the best about change and being out of his comfort zone. Not to mention him being gone for so many hours out of the day. However he has thrown caution to wind and is really enjoying himself. On Thursday they went on a field trip to their teachers house to look at her garden and he loved that. Also every day they "write" in their journal's and he thinks that is coolest thing ever!

4- Near death experience - or maybe not... Since summer is coming to an end far to quickly, we are feeling the need to get all of our hiking in these last few weeks. The other day we decided to hike Cascade Falls up at Cedar Breaks. It was so gorgeous and fun; however, at the entrance point of the hike there was sign saying the trail was closed...

[dramatic story continued below]

Friday, September 5, 2008

Make no mistake about it - the sign says closed! But "we" being adventurous hikers decided to go ahead...

...and we were glad we did, because the views were amazing

Sydney had a blast being on dad's back!

{Then we came to the reason why the trail was closed. You wonder why the trail was closed? Oh ya- because the trail fell down the cliff - TWICE! But remember - "we" are adventerous hikers, and Justin as our leader said "we must carry on"... I on the other hand wanted to turn back, but when Kyle made it across, I figured I could too.}

...So here they are: my adventurous trio in a cave!

[Dramatic story continued below]

Thursday, September 4, 2008

More amazing Views!

Say "Cheese"

The reason we risked our lives!

Kyle's cave

So come to find out the trail has been closed for two years, and people hike it all the time! Several of my friends have also hiked it, and they didn't think it was scary... come to find out - I'm a pansy - ok there I said it!


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