Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catch Up to Moab

It seems that my blogging is either feast or famine. Lately we have been doing so many fun things. Several weeks ago we took a couple of days off and headed for the hills (Moab)! We had a new little cousin to meet and she was worth the drive all by her self! Baby Aubrey was so fun to hold and cuddle, and kyle never turns down a baby to hold! Welcome little Aubrey!
One of the days we headed up to the Lasal Mountains and checked out some property that Justin's dad is dying to buy. Grandma Lala packed us luch and we enjoyed it on the side of the road!
Yes - Justin is sitting in Sydney's car seat!
Kyle and Grandma Lala petting two very friendly squirels
One of the days we walked up to Wilson's Arch, which was perfect for the little ones to show their mad hiking skills! Justin told me that wearing flip-flops would be just fine on the hike - ah ya- won't be doing that again. Half way through we ended up walking barefoot, because scaling sand rock was a little too dangerous... Thanks Justin for all your brilliant ideas!

The Cousin's pose for {picture crazy} Aunt Leilani
Just outside of Moab is this tourist trap. It's pretty cool because this couple dug the inside of the mountain out, and made a home inside. You can tour it, but we are to cheap.
Checkin' out the petting zoo

Papa Bo took us to Recapture Near Monticello to go boating, it was really fun but we ddin't get to lake until 6:30 that night. CRAZY!!Kyle is not much of a water man but he is sure cute!

Crazy Papa Bo - Thanks for taking time to be with us. It's easy to make memories when we're with you!

We are so proud of Sydney. She actually went wake boarding with dad but we left the camera in the truck and didn't get a pic until she was done! She did so well and really enjoyed the wet and wild ride!

Do you like the Photography? It was fun, if you look close enough you can see our frozen smiles:)


Amber said...

I know what you mean about feast or famine blogging. You guys look like you had so much fun. Such a cute family!

By the way, I love the Twilight movie countdown. Ha ha ha! I might have to add that to mine...


Look at all the fun you are having! Wish I could have been at the lake with you! It's been years since I have had some lake fun!


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