Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wrapped around her finger

Two Sunday's ago Justin painted Sydney's fingers. How cute is that?!?! Sydney loves her daddy and you can see why...


Several days ago Kyle fell asleep... need I say more, other than those are a box of wipes.

Sink or swim

So it has been a long time since I have updated this thing! There have been alot of new things to blog about, the first being that Kyle is taking swimming lessons this summer! I have to admit that we are now in the second week, and he only has two more days left with this session. I also confess that I was so excited for him, but now I am thinking it was a total waste of my money. Kyle is off in La-La land, and doesn't pay any attention to the girl. She doesn't really try to get their attention, or really expect much from them. But I guess Kyle doesn't know any different, so he is very happy in La-La Land... he doesn't know that these lessons are supposed to save his life! OH WELL ... A for effort I guess.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ok, so there are times when a mom questions if she should be allowed to have kids. You know, sometimes you wonder if you are really a fit mother because you yell at them too much, or don't spend enough time with them... Well for me my time came this week, when kyle played for several hours in our neighbors back yard; bouncing between the trampoline and the swimming pool. I didn't put sun screen on him, and that was a big mistake. I feel terrible because not only did he burn, he blistered. He has been in so much pain the last several days, mostly all he does is cry. To boot he has a terrible cough and cold, and a cold sore on his lip. What a rough week for such a little sweet heart!


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