Friday, April 8, 2011

Meet Ray

 See the teeth...

 Now you don't!

Justin made a super hilarious observation today.  Kyle's teeth look like the endearing Raymond's!
Too stinking funny if you ask me.  Especially when the other front one falls out in a week or so :)
Oh and I just can't seem to remember that I am the tooth fairy, and that she is me and I am her....

Sweet baby cakes

 Sweet Baby Cakes is a GIRL...the ultrasound tech says that 3 lines is a definite girl!
 Needless to say - but I will...I am right (4 for 4) and it is a good thing because every single one of us knew it was a girl, I don't think I would've convinced Sydney other wise.
Her middle name is going to be Josephine after my Grandmother Helen (who will be celebrating her 100th just before the birth of this little peanut)  If I ever live 100 years, I gosh darn better be getting a name sake. 
Just sayin'!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shout Hurray!

Kade had a birthday SHOUT HURRAY! 
1 year has flown by...

For Kade's birthday we happened to be at our Friends cabin, so we kept it a pretty low key event
but of course we celebrated with a little bit of cake and 1 candle!

Here are some Kade facts:
  • He is one easy baby
  • His eyes are amazing
  • Not crawling
  • Scoots - it's a Zufelt thing
  • Walks from items to item - I call it scaling
  • He is a TANK
  • Quick to giggle
  • Throws his food when not interested
  • 5 1/2 teeth chew his food

Sunday, March 20, 2011

noodle head preschool

 Although I may have been absent from blogging, 
I have not been absent from school!
Sydney and I take part in a neighborhood preschool.  Every 5th week I teach.
 I found this great  and simple idea from my friends blog Cheep Cheep Chickadee.  

I decided to give it go and it was really fun!  
Here are some tips you need to know:
  1. Do ahead of time. The pasta drying time is longer than the children s desire to wait.
  2. Use regular food coloring - Not gel food coloring ( the gel works but not well. The drying time is MUCH longer and it was really hard to spread around and in cracks of pasta).
  3. Not much alcohol is needed.  Just about a cap full per baggie.
  4. Use sandwich baggies. The clean up is a snap.
  5. Use Elmer's glue and spread with foam brush.  Great idea from Cheep Cheep.  It really was the only way with these little of ones.

 {Syd and Hunter talk about getting married in the Temple all the time...}

 Then in keeping with the theme of all things colorful and messy we made rainbow pudding cups.
I let them decide which order they wanted their colors layered and they had a yummy treat.
I made regular vanilla pudding and divided into several bowls. Then let them help add the drops of coloring and stir.  But the green pudding is pistachio pudding (for me) to add some extra flavor.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Surprise - no really

The week of Christmas was a crazy one..Tuesday morning was a shocker to say the least.  Before there were two drops - the stick was showing double lines. Needless to say I had a frantic call to Doctor G. "I just tested positive for pregnancy and I have an IUD - and I already have a baby!!!"  I wish so bad that I had a picture of the first ultrasound from that morning.  Sure enough there was the IUD right in proper place and there (touching) right beside was a little baby. Meant to be...

So here comes sleeping on the couch all day,
So here comes night sickness,
So here come doctor visits,
So here comes a little girl????????

The baby will come mid August, and yes there will only be 17 months between kade and baby # 4! 
Bring it on...

Friday, December 31, 2010

BIg happenings - small surprises

I have been away most this month because Christmas has became a TON of work.  I am clearly going to have to start earlier next January or something!  We had a fairly horrible Christmas (who can say that!!) The week prior Kyle was VERY sick with strep throat and then the week of Christmas our family had the stomach flu, which was lovely because Kyle and Justin were on their puky death beds Christmas Eve.

However some exciting things have happened.  Justin purchased a Nikon Camera for us and it will arrive on monday, and there is one other small surprise... but that will have to wait until I get my camera!  BUT your gonna die...... or at least I did!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nursing covers at Ebay and free movie tickets

Hey ya'll just wanted to say that I have joined the Ebay family and am now selling Udderly Me there, as well as my own site.  Many thanks go to J Dawg -  really he is the one that did all the work {considering I am not so smart with technical things ie my blog posts that I just can't figure out how for them not to be wonky!}  Any ways please go check me out!

Free movie tickets have you heard????

General Mills is having a deal.  When  you buy two boxes of cereal you get a free movie ticket -  I know!!!!!
We were in Walmart yesterday and I saw the deal.  I purchased 2 (of course), entered in my code today and it really worked. I am now holding my very own free movie ticket for Cinema 8.  And I'm going to sure as heck go buy more because it's a really good deal and this time I am hoping to use coupons in addition!!!  
By the way have you seen Tangled?  Soooo cute, but I'm sure you have all seen it...


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