Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,
I would like a Bumble Bee transformer, some toys for Sydney, car for Sydney. More transformers, truck that transforms. I like all the Reindeers and all the Elf's at the North Pole! I think I am going to leave you some cookies on Christmas Eve.

Dear Santa, (letter #2)
Do not send Rudolph with his nose so bright to not wake me up.
Love, Kyle

We want to wish you all a wonderful Merry Christmas! We are so grateful for the birth of Our Savior, His spectacular life, and for His Atonement. We are so blessed!
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shreek - Boutique

I am so sad - I busted my buns to get the trees ready for the boutique this past week, and never had a minute to take a good picture of them. They really turned out darling, I think I will sneak on down to my neighbor who has a set of them and will take several more pics. I ended up making a set with different fabric that also turned out great! I was so excited to finally get that project out of my hair! If any one is interested, I think that I still have a set to sell, or I can also give you instruction on how to make them yourselves, they are so fun! There were so many cute things at the show, I wish you could have seen...

Quick catch up

Tis the season to be busy, as a result I am slacking with my blogging (and other things)!
This past weekend Justin and I took the kids (my dad included) up North for an outing! We met Justin's parents there as well. We had a wonderful day at Thanksgiving Point - We of course went to the Dino museum, toured The Farm where Kyle had is first pony ride, and went to see a Movie! Then all the adults went to Glen Beck's Christmas show (which Justin has been waiting all year for - literally). We had a blast, and enjoyed our little mini vacation! Sydney at it again... I love my Mr. Clean sponge

Fun idea: My neighbor is a mini book genius. She gave me the idea, and I made this darling Thanksgiving book. The idea is to showcase how everyone pitched in to make Thanksgiving Dinner, and for them to write their thoughts about what they are grateful for this year!

When I complete the book I will have a pic of each family member in the empty space below their name. I took a darling picture of my Grandmother holding her famous Pecan Pie. Can't wait to see it all done.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa Sucks

Wow - I know can't believe that I dissed on the {jolly old man} who brings all sorts of goodies to the little yahoo's who have been "good" all year long... But it's true! The Santa at our house stinks! I hate to admit this but last year Santa put off "making" the toys until it was too late and the mail man didn't deliver poor Kyle's toys until after Christmas. This year "he" is trying to be better, but we woke up to late on this blasted "black friday" and missed the deal on a Leapster at Walmart. Then for "cyber monday" "Santa" decided on a Dance Cam by Playskool {the name of one section of Santa's factory - located down the hallway from Fisher Price} So of course "he" being the procrastinator that he is didn't make it fast enough, and now the price has gone up. Santa has a budget of $50, so if anyone has any brilliant ideas for a 4-year old boy, please let "him" know - for how sad would it be if he went another year without Christmas...


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