Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shreek - Boutique

I am so sad - I busted my buns to get the trees ready for the boutique this past week, and never had a minute to take a good picture of them. They really turned out darling, I think I will sneak on down to my neighbor who has a set of them and will take several more pics. I ended up making a set with different fabric that also turned out great! I was so excited to finally get that project out of my hair! If any one is interested, I think that I still have a set to sell, or I can also give you instruction on how to make them yourselves, they are so fun! There were so many cute things at the show, I wish you could have seen...


The Royal Family said...

I completely want instructions on how to make them. But How much are you selling them for???

The Ewell Family said...

Looks like you have been very busy with all your projects and they are all way cute!! We need to get together. I still wish that you were my neighbor!!!


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