Saturday, July 24, 2010

William Kade Zufelt

Little Kade is the best little sugar muffin ever. So tiny, so sweet. He makes my heart melt. Kade is completely different than Kyle as a baby. Kade is only now looking a little like him. (for a while I thought he was Winder Dairy man's baby!) Kade is so small and mellow. Kyle was large- very chunky and was always sick with ear infections. Kade however is hardly growing, at least not in weight, but height - wow! He is long and skinny, has big blue eyes, long eye lashes, and is super calm and smiley. The kids love him... he is the perfect addition to our family!
( Above: Sharina Shack photography- my neighbor is new on the scene, cute pic eh! Kade @ 3 1/2 mo. old)

( Emily Whitney photography Kade @ 2 weeks)


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