Thursday, March 20, 2008


One of the many qualities that we love about kyle is that he is cautious. Anything that looks slightly different, colorful, or fun he avoids! We have been trying to get him to eat jello for several years, and today he finally concented because is was in a package. Which means it is processed; therefore, desirable. EAT UP! Update: we tried today to get him eat it again, but of course he declined- So predictable:)

Monumental first blog!

Hello Everybody,

I am so sorry if your bum hurts from falling off your chair - yes I have officially "blogged". I have learned two very important things about myself from this whole blogging experience.
1- I am more computer retarded than I thought (My thanks to all of my wonderful friends who have helped me begin, and all those who offered).
2- I am a follower. I guess with much pressure from some, and "butt kicking" threats from others (you know who you are...) if everyone was jumping off a cliff, I officially can say that I would too.

Sianara, let this day go down in history as the day "I blogged"!!!!!!!
P.S. So now that I have blogged, please stop with the threats and mean comments:)

Friday, March 14, 2008


Last friday Krista and Sam went on a date, and we watched the kids. Here is a video of Sydney laughing. Needless to say she loves the "tubies," and I love the hair. Props to Porter's big head. Poor Krista...


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