Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monumental first blog!

Hello Everybody,

I am so sorry if your bum hurts from falling off your chair - yes I have officially "blogged". I have learned two very important things about myself from this whole blogging experience.
1- I am more computer retarded than I thought (My thanks to all of my wonderful friends who have helped me begin, and all those who offered).
2- I am a follower. I guess with much pressure from some, and "butt kicking" threats from others (you know who you are...) if everyone was jumping off a cliff, I officially can say that I would too.

Sianara, let this day go down in history as the day "I blogged"!!!!!!!
P.S. So now that I have blogged, please stop with the threats and mean comments:)


Nicole said...

Oh, Leilani just because you have finally blogged doesn't mean the threats will stop. We can always find something else to threaten you with.

No, seriously I am so very proud of you for finally doing it! I expect you to update this blog daily, too (since all the rest of us update ours daily). We want to hear all about the Zufelt adventures.

Frehner Family said...

Leilani..I am glad to see checking your blog will be exciting now. I have checked it several times and got to see your family picture and all but...posts are more fun. Welcome to the blogging world!

Lisa said...

Ooooh, good job Leilani! See, blogging is F.U.N! Now maybe we can direct our threats at Sharina.

The Nye's said...

Hi, this is Julie Nye! Leilani, I'm so excited to see that you are a blogger. I can't believe how big Kyle is, and how old is Sydney? She is so beautiful and looks just like you! I didn't even know you were pregnant again. Did you know that I have a 5 month-old little girl? Gosh, I miss the good ole' days in Cedar City! I'm so glad to have gotten back in touch with you!!!

Megan said...

No way! I stopped checking your blog a few weeks ago (I guess I gave up on you!). I don't know what made me check again but yay for you. It's easier than you thought isn't it? Pretty soon you'll be addicted and start threatening the rest of the "non-bloggers"!


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