Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If I only had a brain

Where has my brain gone? Here are my latest brain mishaps... Just barely loaded dirty dishes in the dishwasher, amongst a half-empty load of clean dishes, didn't notice until it was to late. Tonight I am headed back to Staples for my fourth time. Appearantly the right ink cartriage can not seem to make it home with me! Yesterday I received a phone call from Costa Vida. They had my wallet. I had misplaced my wallet so I thought somewhere around the house, and just thought I would find it some day! Come to find out I had left it two weeks earlier at the restaurant. Thanks Costa Vida! So if you want to call me while I'm out on the town - you can't. I don't have a cell-phone. Why? Because I have lost two cell phones since January! Ring Ring! I would tell you more of my mishaps, but I just can't seem to remember...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

wonderful missionary experience

Today was such a wonderful day, I just thought I would share. I have a neighbor and friend that is not a member of our faith. She came to primary with me today, and helped me wrangle the kids as I taught the lesson. The lesson just so happened to be "the coming forth of the Book of Mormon." I showed the animated version of Joseph Smith and his First Vision. I know that it was such a wonderful precursor to her meeting with the sister missionaries tonight! After several months of trying to get all of our schedules together, tonight was such perfect timing. In addition to the Sisters, I invited my friend Shanette {whom served her mission in Italy} she was such a wonderful addition and made great comments. It went really well and she accepted the invitation to read the intro to the Book of Mormon. The missionaries also gave her a movie to watch which was the same thing from this morning only the adult-non animated version! After the missionaries left, she came back over and watched the movie with me. I could tell that she was so happy and felt the spirit, and accepted everything that she was taught tonight. Our Heavenly Father knows us and watches over us continually. He is very aware of my friend, and is working through many of us in our neighborhood to bring her to His gospel. I am thankful for this opportunity to bring missionaries into my home, and re solidify my love and understanding for the gospel. I can't wait until we meet again with them! I'll keep posting on progress!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coupon Class

My friend Brooke whom I used to live by at Sunset Ridge, has offered to do a coupon class for any and every one. She is darling, and super fun! Spread the word. Bring a treat if you like. I'll see you there!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

10 K Fun Run

It was amazing! My first run ever, but for sure not my last. Justin and I ran in the Zion Fun Run this Saturday, with Justin's mom, sister, a bunch of my friends, and his co-workers! If you know Justin at all you know that he is great runner, aka "the jack rabbit." I was sure that he would leave me in the dust but he didn't. He stuck with me the whole race, and we enjoyed the scenic views together. It was gorgeous as one can imagine. Funny story though, There were roughly 300 of us runners that were all shuttled up to beginning of the race. There were 4 port-a-potties, however. Just to be sure, I thought I should go. So I stood in line forever, they started the race, just as it was my turn in line (after 20 + min). I decided I would go ahead and run, so I started late - which stunk. However, we still passed a lot of people and came in at 65 min. Before the race, I was just hoping to finish the run 11/2hrs, however during the run I realized that I could make it in 1 hr. I was 5 minutes over, but I am still so happy! I couldn't have done so well without Justin. He really is my BF!{Above pic. So although I do have pooch just for the record, I had a pm3 player and apple in my pocket. Just thought I would clear that up and give my self the benefit of the doubt!!}

Yes Tammi, we ROCK!

Zion Vacation

After our "Fun Run" we spent some time up in Zion Park, hiking Emerald Pools!
It was so nice to be out doing something other than the "norm!" However, at the beginning of the hike Kyle fell and got a scrap on both knees. Kyle doesn't deal well with pain or blood so it made for a fun hike. He got lots of attention from others on the trail, and he greatly appreciated that!
I didn't get any of the great pics of the whole group like Papa Bo did, there was a ton of us! When we get those I will add them to this post!

Sydney never falls asleep with anyone. She fell asleep in cousin Gage's arms. The hike was just enough to do her in!
Couldn't resist taking this pic.
We were waiting for everyone to gather for our hike, but of course a movie was on. Thought it was pretty funny and telling!

(It's a Zufelt thing...)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

> $2 Chore Cart

I found these pocket things at Target for a $1. I didn't know what to do with them, but I found this idea on a blog. Ran with it, and it works great! I purchased the green foam for 60 cents, already had the Velcro and paper. What a snap! He is a chore pro now, and loves to put a star on the chart! The great thing about Kyle is that a star is enough of a reward for him -for now. I am sure later on I will actually have to start handing out rewards with so many stars! My only problem is trying to get Sydney not write on it (which she has already). Next time you see these at Target, give it a try!
(Disclaimer: My spell checker, Shanette informed me that I am retarded! I seriously did not even notice that I had spelled "laundry" incorrectly. In my defense it was very late when I made it, and not even Justin noticed the error! Thanks Shanette for pointing out the obvious!)

The bane of my existence

Monday, April 13, 2009

You may not know

Disclaimer: This post is screwy. ARGG. I cannot get it to save the way I want. Obviously, I need to take a blog class! Have fun making sense out of this mess... Think of it as a puzzle!

Yes it is true, I'm a blog slacker. But for good reason. In order to put pics on my blog I have to use my dilapitated laptop. So you may not know that last month we went to West Virginia. My Grandma Roberts passed away at age 97, and on a whim we packed up and headed out. Justin had never met anybody from my dad's side of the family, since literally everybody other than my dad lives back East. No one knew Justin - or my kids for that matter. It was an amazing trip. All my brothers flew back as well, and most if us ended up on the some flight, which was realy crazy!

This was Kyle's lucky day, he was able to hang with the pilots!

Can you believe! My Grandma and Grandpa Roberts were married in 1931.
My dad is also the only member of the church, so we are going to do their temple work for them. Can't wait for them to really be together forever!

Hum, wonder who she looks like?
Love this picture...It proves my argument that she is a total Zufelt!

Geography lesson: West Virginia and Ohio are separated by the Ohio river!

My uncle Bud's back porch is on the Ohio river. West Virginia is an amazing place - so historic, and gorgeous. Where we are standing is a Civil war monument.

West Virginia of course has an old historic district. Way cool, yet way spooky! The architecture is amazing. Sadly, the disitric is just now being preserved. Residents are moving in and restoring the old homes. The streets are amazing, brick layed, so reminincent of "My Fair Lady." Back then they very wealthy from all the booming industry. The houses are all massive mansions. I wish I would have taken a picture of the cemetary!

Another Geography lesson: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is only roughly five hrs. from W. Virginia.
Washington DC. is only another 1 1/2hrs. further, and NYC is only another hour from there...
We really really really wanted to go further. However, us being semi-responsible parents decided not to torture our children for our own sake, and opted for Gettysburg. We drove most the night, slept for a few hrs. in a hotel, toured Gettysburg most the day, then drove back to WV!
I love this plaque, because to often women of the war are forgotten. They really did endure so much.

It was crazy windy that day. I was atop a look out point, and I was literally being blown over!

You get the point.
We had lots of fun,
And we wore them out!

all is quiet

All is quiet on the Western Front! I have had a very strangely wonderful calm day. Justin took the kids shooting this morning. While he was out being super dad, I was able to get ready myself and have the house clean by 11 am! Then my wonderful friend took Kyle to the park, and Sydney is sleeping. It's days like these that help you get through all the rest. Oh the joy of a quiet clean house!

I really need to do some posting catch up...Can't wait to show what I have been up to lately. I love SPRING!

Monday, April 6, 2009

You're Invited

Here's the scoop... My friend Keri is a Pampered Chef consultant. In her first few minutes of consultant newness, I promised her that I would through a party! It has been a while now, but I have not forgotten my promise!
SOOOOO... if you would like to come to a party - YOU ARE ALL INVITED!
I invision it to be a Welcoming Spring party, for sure with yummy food.
Date: April 15 - weds
Place: My house
Time: 6:30

If you are not familiar with Pamered Chef products {Which I love} here are a few that I can't {cook} live without! Batter Bowl, Food Chopper, Garlic Press...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Chick

We are going for pet attempt # 2. At Kyle's preschool they were able to watch baby chicks hatch, and then we got to bring all six home today! The grand plan is to raise chickens at my friends Caitlin's house. What a fun adventure this will be, glad she is along for the ride.

Happy Place

Come with me to a happy place.
A place where the snow isn't a foot deep in April.


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