Sunday, April 26, 2009

wonderful missionary experience

Today was such a wonderful day, I just thought I would share. I have a neighbor and friend that is not a member of our faith. She came to primary with me today, and helped me wrangle the kids as I taught the lesson. The lesson just so happened to be "the coming forth of the Book of Mormon." I showed the animated version of Joseph Smith and his First Vision. I know that it was such a wonderful precursor to her meeting with the sister missionaries tonight! After several months of trying to get all of our schedules together, tonight was such perfect timing. In addition to the Sisters, I invited my friend Shanette {whom served her mission in Italy} she was such a wonderful addition and made great comments. It went really well and she accepted the invitation to read the intro to the Book of Mormon. The missionaries also gave her a movie to watch which was the same thing from this morning only the adult-non animated version! After the missionaries left, she came back over and watched the movie with me. I could tell that she was so happy and felt the spirit, and accepted everything that she was taught tonight. Our Heavenly Father knows us and watches over us continually. He is very aware of my friend, and is working through many of us in our neighborhood to bring her to His gospel. I am thankful for this opportunity to bring missionaries into my home, and re solidify my love and understanding for the gospel. I can't wait until we meet again with them! I'll keep posting on progress!


we are GIBSON said...

Way to go you little missionary you!

The Hirschi's said...

That's really neat! Keep us updated.


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