Monday, April 13, 2009

all is quiet

All is quiet on the Western Front! I have had a very strangely wonderful calm day. Justin took the kids shooting this morning. While he was out being super dad, I was able to get ready myself and have the house clean by 11 am! Then my wonderful friend took Kyle to the park, and Sydney is sleeping. It's days like these that help you get through all the rest. Oh the joy of a quiet clean house!

I really need to do some posting catch up...Can't wait to show what I have been up to lately. I love SPRING!


Nicole B. said...

Hey Lei! Sorry I didn't see your post about the easter bunny cake until we got home this afternoon. Hope you got it figured out and had a good easter. It will be fun to see you this weekend.

Lyndsi said...

You keep teasing us with all of the "upcoming posts!" When are they going to be up lady?!


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