Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coupon Class

My friend Brooke whom I used to live by at Sunset Ridge, has offered to do a coupon class for any and every one. She is darling, and super fun! Spread the word. Bring a treat if you like. I'll see you there!


The Royal Family said...

Sounds like fun, I just learned to coupon back in NOV. I save tons of money when I feel well enough to shop, ha ha! Are you going??? I have my ultrasound at 5pm so...

amylynne said...

Hey Leilani, I just realized that we are actually going to be in Southern Utah in a few weeks. Brady's parents are flying us in on the 19th of May and we'll be there for a week. It would be really fun to see you guys! We won't have a car, since we're flying, but Brady's parents have a pool and trampoline and stuff, so maybe one of the days you could come over with your kids (and justin or whatever!) and we could catch up! We're coming in on a Tuesday, and Brady's parents will be working until that Friday, so pretty much during the day we'll be doing nothing! Anyway, let me know what you think! My email is:!


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