Monday, April 13, 2009

You may not know

Disclaimer: This post is screwy. ARGG. I cannot get it to save the way I want. Obviously, I need to take a blog class! Have fun making sense out of this mess... Think of it as a puzzle!

Yes it is true, I'm a blog slacker. But for good reason. In order to put pics on my blog I have to use my dilapitated laptop. So you may not know that last month we went to West Virginia. My Grandma Roberts passed away at age 97, and on a whim we packed up and headed out. Justin had never met anybody from my dad's side of the family, since literally everybody other than my dad lives back East. No one knew Justin - or my kids for that matter. It was an amazing trip. All my brothers flew back as well, and most if us ended up on the some flight, which was realy crazy!

This was Kyle's lucky day, he was able to hang with the pilots!

Can you believe! My Grandma and Grandpa Roberts were married in 1931.
My dad is also the only member of the church, so we are going to do their temple work for them. Can't wait for them to really be together forever!

Hum, wonder who she looks like?
Love this picture...It proves my argument that she is a total Zufelt!

Geography lesson: West Virginia and Ohio are separated by the Ohio river!

My uncle Bud's back porch is on the Ohio river. West Virginia is an amazing place - so historic, and gorgeous. Where we are standing is a Civil war monument.

West Virginia of course has an old historic district. Way cool, yet way spooky! The architecture is amazing. Sadly, the disitric is just now being preserved. Residents are moving in and restoring the old homes. The streets are amazing, brick layed, so reminincent of "My Fair Lady." Back then they very wealthy from all the booming industry. The houses are all massive mansions. I wish I would have taken a picture of the cemetary!

Another Geography lesson: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is only roughly five hrs. from W. Virginia.
Washington DC. is only another 1 1/2hrs. further, and NYC is only another hour from there...
We really really really wanted to go further. However, us being semi-responsible parents decided not to torture our children for our own sake, and opted for Gettysburg. We drove most the night, slept for a few hrs. in a hotel, toured Gettysburg most the day, then drove back to WV!
I love this plaque, because to often women of the war are forgotten. They really did endure so much.

It was crazy windy that day. I was atop a look out point, and I was literally being blown over!

You get the point.
We had lots of fun,
And we wore them out!


The Royal Family said...

sorry to hear about your grandma. Looks like you had a good trip though.

Cheryl said...

Sad reason for the trip, but it sounds amazing. I've been to Gettysburg and DC and loved it.


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