Monday, April 6, 2009

You're Invited

Here's the scoop... My friend Keri is a Pampered Chef consultant. In her first few minutes of consultant newness, I promised her that I would through a party! It has been a while now, but I have not forgotten my promise!
SOOOOO... if you would like to come to a party - YOU ARE ALL INVITED!
I invision it to be a Welcoming Spring party, for sure with yummy food.
Date: April 15 - weds
Place: My house
Time: 6:30

If you are not familiar with Pamered Chef products {Which I love} here are a few that I can't {cook} live without! Batter Bowl, Food Chopper, Garlic Press...



Hey Leilani, we will be heading your way in June. Maybe we can get together sometime. Seb is doing a triathlon in Midway June 13.

hecklerwife said...

Sorry, I can't make it. Tyler has meetings up North all week and the kids and I are tagging along. See you at the race on Saturday!

The Royal Family said...

I am in, I however really might need a reminder... because I have lost my memory lately.



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