Saturday, April 18, 2009

10 K Fun Run

It was amazing! My first run ever, but for sure not my last. Justin and I ran in the Zion Fun Run this Saturday, with Justin's mom, sister, a bunch of my friends, and his co-workers! If you know Justin at all you know that he is great runner, aka "the jack rabbit." I was sure that he would leave me in the dust but he didn't. He stuck with me the whole race, and we enjoyed the scenic views together. It was gorgeous as one can imagine. Funny story though, There were roughly 300 of us runners that were all shuttled up to beginning of the race. There were 4 port-a-potties, however. Just to be sure, I thought I should go. So I stood in line forever, they started the race, just as it was my turn in line (after 20 + min). I decided I would go ahead and run, so I started late - which stunk. However, we still passed a lot of people and came in at 65 min. Before the race, I was just hoping to finish the run 11/2hrs, however during the run I realized that I could make it in 1 hr. I was 5 minutes over, but I am still so happy! I couldn't have done so well without Justin. He really is my BF!{Above pic. So although I do have pooch just for the record, I had a pm3 player and apple in my pocket. Just thought I would clear that up and give my self the benefit of the doubt!!}

Yes Tammi, we ROCK!


Deedra said...

You're brave! I did a 5k last October and it was fun, but I'll admit I walked all of it. I can't imagine 6 miles of torture! :) Good job!

Nicole B. said...

Great job on the race! It was so good to see you, miss you guys a ton.

MillerTime said...

You 2 are soooo stinkin' cute together!!! And, yes, we do ROCK!!!

MathisFam said...

That sounds like fun. When I'm not prego I want to go too!

Keri said...

You did so awesome! Lets for sure do it again, it was a lot of fun!


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