Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zion Vacation

After our "Fun Run" we spent some time up in Zion Park, hiking Emerald Pools!
It was so nice to be out doing something other than the "norm!" However, at the beginning of the hike Kyle fell and got a scrap on both knees. Kyle doesn't deal well with pain or blood so it made for a fun hike. He got lots of attention from others on the trail, and he greatly appreciated that!
I didn't get any of the great pics of the whole group like Papa Bo did, there was a ton of us! When we get those I will add them to this post!

Sydney never falls asleep with anyone. She fell asleep in cousin Gage's arms. The hike was just enough to do her in!
Couldn't resist taking this pic.
We were waiting for everyone to gather for our hike, but of course a movie was on. Thought it was pretty funny and telling!

(It's a Zufelt thing...)


ariane_june said...

haha that is so funny! I have always noticed that, you can be screaming at a Zufelt watching T.V. and they will not respond! Way to catch them in the act! lol

Megs said...

CONGRATS on the run! You rock chicka!!! So cool that you did it, and did it well! :D
Tell Kyle that we are sorry about the knees, ouch...but very impressive wounds! What a tough guy!
I love the pic with Syd and her cousin, so cute!! I got one almost JUST like it with my Sam asleep on Emilys shoulder over the Easter weekend! Adorable!
Loved the update, we gotta get up to Zions, the kids would love it!
WHAT a great family trip, so cool!!! I am jealous! ;)
We must be somehow related, when a TV is on a bomb could go off and noone would flinch in our family too!! LOL!!!


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