Friday, January 7, 2011

Surprise - no really

The week of Christmas was a crazy one..Tuesday morning was a shocker to say the least.  Before there were two drops - the stick was showing double lines. Needless to say I had a frantic call to Doctor G. "I just tested positive for pregnancy and I have an IUD - and I already have a baby!!!"  I wish so bad that I had a picture of the first ultrasound from that morning.  Sure enough there was the IUD right in proper place and there (touching) right beside was a little baby. Meant to be...

So here comes sleeping on the couch all day,
So here comes night sickness,
So here come doctor visits,
So here comes a little girl????????

The baby will come mid August, and yes there will only be 17 months between kade and baby # 4! 
Bring it on...


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