Saturday, April 19, 2008

Officer Zufelt

Watch out bad boys, April 18, Justin Graduated from the Police Academy! Thursday night Kyle, Sydney and I traveled to SLC for the big event. We stayed at hotel with Papa and Lala, went shopping, and kyle swam with Justin. The next morning I attended a class for the Wives, they wanted us to know what the guys had been learning the past few months. Then we attended the graduation which was entirely way to long, but really nice! Justin of course looked incredibly handsome in his uniform, but what do you expect from a hunk like himself! Thanks to all those who attended the graduation, and to all those that were incredibly supportive! We are so happy to have Justin back home, and we are excited for the adventures yet to come! Welcome Home....Again...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Surgery for two

March 27, Kyle and
Sydney had surgery. Kyle had his tonsils, adnoids, and ear tubes removed. Sydney had ear tubes put in. Fun Ehh. Syndey of course was fine soon after, but of course Kyle had a rough time. The kids had the best nurse though, she was so cute and really made Kyle feel as comfortable as possible. She tried to explain what was going to happen, and used Syd's Easter Baby as the example.

Syd is so cute

I took this picture of sydney several weeks ago. I thought it was so cute, she has the best personality as you can tell from this picture.

Happy Easter

This Easter was a busy one. Some how we managed to pack every minute of our weekend with fun things to do! We went to three Easter egg hunts, flew kites (that was a blast), went to the movies (Horton Hears a Who), plus managed to put Justin and Papa Bo to work in the yard! Here's a few of the pics...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Justin soon to graduate...

As many of you know, Justin has been at POST training in SLC for the past three or so months. I am excited to report that next friday, he will graduate!! He has been hired on with the Cedar City Police Dept. so he will start working the next Monday, but won't be actually able to patrol for another couple of weeks. Kyle is getting really excited for Sunday's when Justin doesn't have to leave, and I am getting excited to put Justin to work for more than just a weekend!

Kyle says the darndest things

Like all 3-year olds, Kyle says the darndest things. This week especially he has been saying some really cute things. There are many I can't remember, but tonight we went to Roberts Craft for our daily time-killing trip. We were getting ready to leave and some girls came out of the store holding several bouquets of pink balloons. They were parked next to us so kyle had a clear view. He asked "Did someone have a baby?" Just the other day, we were getting balloons for our friend who was soon to have a baby... funny what they pick-up on!

By the way- Congrats Nicole for a darling new baby BOY!!!


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