Friday, April 11, 2008

Surgery for two

March 27, Kyle and
Sydney had surgery. Kyle had his tonsils, adnoids, and ear tubes removed. Sydney had ear tubes put in. Fun Ehh. Syndey of course was fine soon after, but of course Kyle had a rough time. The kids had the best nurse though, she was so cute and really made Kyle feel as comfortable as possible. She tried to explain what was going to happen, and used Syd's Easter Baby as the example.


Keri Hennefer said...

Ok so the new blog look turned out SO CUTE! I love it! I'm so proud of your computer skills, see I knew that you had it in you! I'm glad that I could be a little help! So party when Justin graduates? Couples out to dinner followed by games??

Martin Family said...

Leilani you are so blond! I love the new do! Your kids are adorable. I can't believe how big they are getting... sheesh, Syd is already almost one! She is adorable though... poor kids and their surgery. I hope YOU survived!

Frehner Family said...

Leilani...You're Blonde!! I had to take a second look. It looks good. Poor kiddos. I hope everyone gets feeling better.

hecklerwife said...

Were you that blonde at Nicole's shower? You inspired me...I went back to my blonde highlights.

Cheryl said...

leilani! i haven't seen you, high school? you look good. i think your kids are cuties!


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