Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kyle says the darndest things

Like all 3-year olds, Kyle says the darndest things. This week especially he has been saying some really cute things. There are many I can't remember, but tonight we went to Roberts Craft for our daily time-killing trip. We were getting ready to leave and some girls came out of the store holding several bouquets of pink balloons. They were parked next to us so kyle had a clear view. He asked "Did someone have a baby?" Just the other day, we were getting balloons for our friend who was soon to have a baby... funny what they pick-up on!

By the way- Congrats Nicole for a darling new baby BOY!!!

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Nicole said...

Man, when you decide to blog you sure go all out. Love all the new posts and photos. I really like your new blog background too, very cute!! Glad Justin is going to be home soon, its such a relief isn't it, just think of all the dirty work you get to make him do now.


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