Friday, April 8, 2011

Meet Ray

 See the teeth...

 Now you don't!

Justin made a super hilarious observation today.  Kyle's teeth look like the endearing Raymond's!
Too stinking funny if you ask me.  Especially when the other front one falls out in a week or so :)
Oh and I just can't seem to remember that I am the tooth fairy, and that she is me and I am her....

Sweet baby cakes

 Sweet Baby Cakes is a GIRL...the ultrasound tech says that 3 lines is a definite girl!
 Needless to say - but I will...I am right (4 for 4) and it is a good thing because every single one of us knew it was a girl, I don't think I would've convinced Sydney other wise.
Her middle name is going to be Josephine after my Grandmother Helen (who will be celebrating her 100th just before the birth of this little peanut)  If I ever live 100 years, I gosh darn better be getting a name sake. 
Just sayin'!


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