Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Heavens Opened

"The heavens opened, and God said 'I hate you Alfalfa'." That's how I feel. I have been hit with the ugly stick... Sydney threw a sippi cup at my eye. I have a small bump, but really it's my acne break out and infantigo infection on my lower chin/lip that really make me wonder how Justin can stand to come home at night. To bad I don't have a camera, then you could all gawk in horror with me!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I had to completely change my whole blog, so that you would notice this momentous occasion!
There a million reasons for my lack of blogging. I will give you a few reasons/excuses...

5. I still do not have a camera.
4. TV requires much less thought.
3. I have been running like chicken with head cut off.
2. I am sooooo freaking tired all the time.
drum roll...... although most of you already know.....
1. I am just shy of 19 weeks With child!

I am trying to decide whether of not I should catch you up on my years worth of happening or just let it all slide. I guess I will give you the "highlights" like a sports cast.

  • Kyle played Soccer this fall, he was really good when he'd hustle and we learned that he absolutely loves to play.
  • I flew to Cleveland to take care of my dad after his heart surgery took a turn for the worse, however he is doing remarkably well after all. He "lived" in the hospital for over a month - he was scheduled for one week - originally.
  • Sydney is a riot. In every sense of the word. She is hilarious, she can be sweet, but mostly she is like living amidst a war zone. You really never know what your going to get!
  • Justin had a birthday in Aug. and is 27, and in Oct. I became a whopin' 26. Really I want to gag when I think about it, I really cannot believe... However, I had a rockin' B-day.
  • Justin is really busy. He works up on the mountain in the morning, attends school, and of course works his regular police hours. Ya, real fun!
  • As for me, I am pregnant.... With a BOY. Super excited. Need name suggestions badly. We know this much of his name _____ William Zufelt. The last part is easy -really a no brainer!
  • You may or may not know/remember, but when Sydney was in the womb she had a cyst on both sides of her brain. It took us by total surprise, and of course where super worried. Fortunately they dissolved before she was born. We had our ultrasound on Monday, and after being under the scope for a while, Justin mentioned that this baby had a cyst on his brain. Both the ultrasound tech and I looked at him shocked. Justin had remembered what it looked like with Sydney... needless to say the tech was shocked that he picked up on it, I was shocked because, well because! Long story short we will probably have several more ultrasounds to make sure everything is ok, but the odds are for sure in our favor.
  • We changed out our front door, and boy has it transformed our house. When all the finish work is complete, I will "borrow" a camera and tell you more about it. Super duper excited!

Well it feels as though I have written a Christmas letter... all I can say now is "Jess get off my back!"


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