Sunday, March 20, 2011

noodle head preschool

 Although I may have been absent from blogging, 
I have not been absent from school!
Sydney and I take part in a neighborhood preschool.  Every 5th week I teach.
 I found this great  and simple idea from my friends blog Cheep Cheep Chickadee.  

I decided to give it go and it was really fun!  
Here are some tips you need to know:
  1. Do ahead of time. The pasta drying time is longer than the children s desire to wait.
  2. Use regular food coloring - Not gel food coloring ( the gel works but not well. The drying time is MUCH longer and it was really hard to spread around and in cracks of pasta).
  3. Not much alcohol is needed.  Just about a cap full per baggie.
  4. Use sandwich baggies. The clean up is a snap.
  5. Use Elmer's glue and spread with foam brush.  Great idea from Cheep Cheep.  It really was the only way with these little of ones.

 {Syd and Hunter talk about getting married in the Temple all the time...}

 Then in keeping with the theme of all things colorful and messy we made rainbow pudding cups.
I let them decide which order they wanted their colors layered and they had a yummy treat.
I made regular vanilla pudding and divided into several bowls. Then let them help add the drops of coloring and stir.  But the green pudding is pistachio pudding (for me) to add some extra flavor.

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The Royal Family 2 said...

Oh my, Sydney is so big too, cute kiddos you have. Great idea for preschool! Hunter is a cutie too!


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