Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nursing covers at Ebay and free movie tickets

Hey ya'll just wanted to say that I have joined the Ebay family and am now selling Udderly Me there, as well as my own site.  Many thanks go to J Dawg -  really he is the one that did all the work {considering I am not so smart with technical things ie my blog posts that I just can't figure out how for them not to be wonky!}  Any ways please go check me out!

Free movie tickets have you heard????

General Mills is having a deal.  When  you buy two boxes of cereal you get a free movie ticket -  I know!!!!!
We were in Walmart yesterday and I saw the deal.  I purchased 2 (of course), entered in my code today and it really worked. I am now holding my very own free movie ticket for Cinema 8.  And I'm going to sure as heck go buy more because it's a really good deal and this time I am hoping to use coupons in addition!!!  
By the way have you seen Tangled?  Soooo cute, but I'm sure you have all seen it...

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