Wednesday, December 1, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Every year we get our {tree} from the exact same area.  It is a super hard to find location and we love it!  Well this year has been a year of tradition breaking.  Example - we didn't go to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins (we went to smith's instead), we didn't carve them (we ran out of time), we didn't shoot them at the shooting range on our way to get our tree (we were running out of daylight), and the spot where we normally get our tree was far to snowy and there was no way we were making it up the road.  So we backed down the super snowy road, then Justin and Kyle scaled the mountain side and found the perfect tree!  Justin is pro tree picker now.  He wouldn't dare come back with anything less than perfect.  Boy is he trained!
                                Sydney and Kade opted out for warmth, Christmas music and snacks!

                                  I don't even freak out any more that Justin saw's our tree in the living room {on the carpet} Married life has taught me that he measures once and cuts at least 5 times!  The last two always in the house!!!!!

                                                           I love big chunky decortations

                        My tree topper in this pic looks like the Grinch's hair. You know  - Jim Carey!

                              I signed up for a table decoration for our Relief Society Christmas dinner.  This is my super quick practice rendition.  I love how chargers at so much to a table setting.  I bought these from Walmart last year on clearance they are great to spray paint for every season ie black or orange for Halloween and then red again for Christmas.  You get the jest... I scaled the mountain side for the sticks and the white curly's are from Krumpets.  I wish I would have taken pics with the final setting at the actual event.  But really this is how I roll!  O well.


Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Leilani you are a rockstar!!! I love your tree and your cute kids and your husband, cause I do junk likeyhat in the house all the time!!

Love your guts lady!

MathisFam said...

I love your tree it is beautiful!


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