Saturday, September 20, 2008

Park City

Last Weekend we went to Salt Lake for Justin's military duties for Govenor's Day. We spent the first morning at the Rice Eccles stadium and then went up to Park City to stay at a Condo there. It was a fun weekend despite cranky children, and having to stop and change diapers every two seconds.

It was pretty neat to see a whole field of soldiers looking so neat, It made me feel so proud and grateful for all the men and women who serve!Govenor Huntsman inspecting the troops
Chopper Salute- Guess who thought that was cool?
Park City - Here we come

Justin and I wanted to go on some of the rides, but of course the kids were to little. We were leaving the ticket line, when a lady handed me a ticket for the Alpine slide. She had one to many and they were leaving. Talk about luck! So I got to go...but on the way down this kid caught up to me and was trying to race his sister. Unlucky for him, he got stuck behind me and of course lost! He was screaming at me all the way down, and kept bumpng me. Needless to say I screamed all the way down also!

We took a tour of Olympic Park and this is them on the bus ride

My Olympic gold walking the plank

Kyle at the top of the highest ski jump

We make one good Team


coxandroberts said...

How fun! I would love it if our kids could meet some day. At least Heather is close to their age and could play together. I think you are a great mom too. Thanks for the sweet comment. The girls are doing great. Loving cheerleading. And growing way too fast. I wish they would slow down but they won't.

Lisa-Lou-Who said...

Holy cow that looks so fun. I need to take my kids up there and do the Alpine slide. I know they would totally love that!


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