Saturday, September 6, 2008

Catch up

When my computer crashed I had a list of things that I intended to blog about. I've had this post in the works for a while... so here are the two mystery weeks in a nut shell!

1- I was so excited to do my official Breaking Dawn post, but didn't get to:( So here is a version of what it would have been: Yes, I too read it and Loved it. It was by far my favorite of the four. {So the original post would have been much more exciting, but it's been a month now!}

2- Second but certainly not least... Breaking news: Sydney is finally Walking!!For those of you who may not know, We have been awaiting this day for a very loooong time. she never crawled- just scooted on her bum. Finally at 15 months she did it! She is so much happier, and needless to say, so are we!

3- Kyle started preschool and is loving it. He is attending preschool in Enoch, and goes from 9am-1pm monday-thursday. I was originally really worried about him as he is not always the best about change and being out of his comfort zone. Not to mention him being gone for so many hours out of the day. However he has thrown caution to wind and is really enjoying himself. On Thursday they went on a field trip to their teachers house to look at her garden and he loved that. Also every day they "write" in their journal's and he thinks that is coolest thing ever!

4- Near death experience - or maybe not... Since summer is coming to an end far to quickly, we are feeling the need to get all of our hiking in these last few weeks. The other day we decided to hike Cascade Falls up at Cedar Breaks. It was so gorgeous and fun; however, at the entrance point of the hike there was sign saying the trail was closed...

[dramatic story continued below]

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hecklerwife said...

yeah, I almost died too...and took Zoe with me when we hiked that trail this summer. It's a fun one though!


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