Saturday, September 20, 2008

Smash Mouth

How embarasing! Shannette and I apperantly think alike, because we chose the same outfit. Krista said she was going to wear a black shirt also, but she was smart and chose not to!

Rockin' out
Rockin' out some more... I thought Sam was going to get in a dance war with
the kids next to him...
too bad!This little kid was crowd surfing and the band grabed him and he got to rock out on stage, play drums, and look really cool. Wish I was crowd surfing...

Who are you calling a Loser!?!
Smash Mouth was so much fun, they put on a suprisingly good concert and we got to see some really crazy people jamin' out. The best part was that Justin and I got out for some much needed time away from kids (even though our babysitter had never heard of Smash Mouth and made me feel ancient - I mean Hello -Shrek)!


Cheryl said...

How Fun! Concerts are always a blast.

M&J said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. I didn't even realize they were still playing together. I can't believe you guys actually went to the lake so late! Hello it is cold :-) Maybe I can do you one better and get Mat to go down there for a visit, wishfull thinking I know but a girl can dream right?

The Nye's said...

You party animal, you! Looks like a blast! I can't believe you were in Salt Lake and didn't come and see me! You are dead meat! I miss you guys so much!


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