Monday, October 11, 2010

House of Smith's give-a-way

After the birth of my third baby, in late March, I was sitting on the grass at the park letting the other kiddies play, and baby {K} needed to nurse.  I pulled out my old nursing cover and realized that my whole back side was hanging out, so I put the car seat behind me, which really didn't solve the problem because my sides were hanging out--I know you are laughing because you've been there before! The sad part is that all of my other mommy friends were having the same problem; we weren't able to nurse comfortably.  They say necessity is the mother of invention..Well, this mom had a necessity, which no other nursing cover was filling!  Udderly Me covers are NOT your average nursing covers.  These are made for the real mom who has a back, two sides, and who is not always nursing in a chair.

Udderly Me covers are great for many reasons:
  • Chic, high-end design choices, made for the stylish mom.
  • Provides "all-around" modesty.
  • Versatility. The front cover can be worn alone, and the back covers can snap on and off easily as needed. .
  • Adjustable length Velcro tabs attach on either side to keep cover in place on windy days or when baby decides to kick.  Tabs can quickly be tucked away when not needed with a snap!   
  • Boning allows mom to see baby at a glance.  
  • Arms are able to move in-and-out of cover with ease. 

    Your "all-around" best nursing solution!
      GIVE AWAY:
    any cover of choice, it also will come with a flower embellishment!

    here is what you have to do

    1.Go check out
    leave a comment on house of Smiths about any funny mommy moment you might have had or seen on the subject of nursing and/or give me the name of your favorite nursing cover from Udderly Me.
    2. Become a follower of Udderly Me blog.
    Make sure to leave a comment in addition if you become a follower.

      1 comment:

      Zufelts said...

      hey hey first give away!!! Im loving your web site! I love all the covers to much to choose just one!


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