Sunday, October 3, 2010

Red Rock Relay Review

 I never did post about our Red Rock Relay in Aug.  Better late than never!  What a blast.  181.5 in less than 30 hrs with 12 friends - what could be better than that? The above pic is Justin taking off for his first run -The Diablo Destroyer!
                               This pic is me taking off for my first run. Didn't know it was going to be Diablo #2...just sayin {although I can't complain, because I ran the least of all} It really was a great run, I love the smell of two rotting carcasses infested with flies.  But it gets better...
 This pic is of me at the end of my first run...  I was passed by several people.  NOT HER THOUGH!!  I threw out my elbows and sprinted.  Really I sprinted and Kicked her trash :) {side note:  she probably started 10 min after me and stilled gained all that distance, and later that day, I saw her in the bathroom @ SUU - I hid behind a wall so that she couldn't come kill me.  Just sayin...
                                                    Umm. Ummm. you didn't smell after this run at all!
         Proud team member of Frank the Tank - never heard so many bowel movement stories in my whole life.
                                                         The Fit the Fat the Elderly


Zufelts said...

Glad you all survived! I LOVE the website! It looks fantastic. Can't wait for your big table reveal!

The Royal Family said...

good job on the website and everything! How can I get you to put me in the "friends" area with my bows?
Keep up the good work,- hopefully we'll talk soon,


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