Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy Body

I have been ultra busy sewing, running and otherwhat not...This week for me is do or die. Why? I'll show you
My wonderful web designer needs these bolts to be something so that he can show pictures of the actual covers on the website...which is looking fantastically fabulous.  Have you seen my logo he designed. SMILE - SMILE - SMILE.  It is so how I feel when nursing - he nailed it!
Next on my list for the week is to {start training} for the RED ROCK RELAY that I will running this friday!  You read it, I'm now training -better late then never I say. 181.5 miles/12 person team...I'm the weakest link and I am going to die.  You are all invited to my funeral {all 5 of you who read this}!   Should be fun though..

And among other things I need to clean my house, laundry, primary program, pick and can peaches, run, run, go see a cool magician that {Mr. K} is excited about from Kindergarten, run, and the list goes on!

And for some randomness, this is a picture of friends. These kids have known each other since in the belly.  They are all weeks apart. Fun eh?  Mine are far left.


MathisFam said...

I totally miss you guys! I have not seen anyone for a long time. I'm just such a homebody, I don't go anywhere. I really should though. Good luck on your run.

Zufelts said...

Oh I LOVE your fabrics! =) That picture of all the kids is so cute!! Im sending your photos with laura this weekend =)

The Baileys said...

Oh Leilani!! You will do so great in the relay!!! I have total and complete faith in you, you are amazing!!! I will pray for you anyway, all the help you can get as I say!! I wish I could come down and see you, but unfortunately I won't be able to!! Love, love, love the logo, so funny!!

Good luck!! Even though you won't need it!!

Lyndsi said...

Well, I'll come to your funeral. At least I will be able to see you then!!! :) Is your phone number the same!? I have one for you but I don't know if its right. I went to lunch with Cami on Friday (hadn't seen her in 2 years probably). So come down and visit... yes! Do that! So squeeze me into your super busy schedule. And I will help you sew. Or hold your baby.

Keri said...


Zufelts said...

oh no did you not survive the run?? Where are you sister?

Sundi and Mike Pace said...

Lailoni, I love the website! Minus the "Ta Dot" picture of me. I'm super excited for you though!! The girlies look gorgeous! Yay!

{K J B} said...

I saw the post on HouseofSmiths blog and I'll admit I checked out your site because I thought your logo was so creative. =) I'm currently nursing my 5 month old... are you going to be adding any more fabric choices that are feminine [for me] but more "there's a boy under there" masculinity to them? =) People already seem to always call my boys little girls so I try not to provide any more confusion.


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