Monday, August 23, 2010

Emergency Tooth Fairy needs help

That is what Justin saw in his txt from me this morning at O a 6:30am (He is working graves and should have been home at 6).  Kyle came in my bed room and was super sad.  "Mom, something really bad happened. Pause. The tooth fairy didn't come and my tooth is still under my pillow."   mom (in my head):  AHHH CRAP!  So I had him climb in my bed and convinced him that it is technically night time, and that he/she is still probably making the rounds.  I turned my phone on silent and quickly txt'd Justin the above message. Luckily Kade was in bed with me and was fusing, so I told Kyle I would be back, I was going to put Kade back to bed - right!  So then I frantically try to hide the tooth (it was in a baggy so tooth fairy could find it.-don't you find that funny) and then tried find a dollar.  Couldn't find one, so I stole a dollar out of Kyle's own piggy bank.  Now how bad of a mom am I?  Really. I went back into bed, then seconds later Justin comes haulin' in the door trying to find money.  We are a joke...  Heaven help me on the next 14 teeth or however many there are!

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Doris Pender said...

Hahaha! Now you learned something from this. Many parents go through the same experience as yours, so you don't have to worry. You just have to do better the next time your kid loses a tooth. =)


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