Thursday, August 5, 2010

Udderly Fat Covers Debut

Udderly Fat Covers are here!  This is the one I have finally made for myself.
I love these covers for several reasons are here's why:
  • Regular nursing cover in front with boning and adjustable strap around neck (however this is where it gets good...)
  • When needing the back cover it quickly snaps on each shoulder.  These snaps hold the back cover in place. 
  • Ribbon ties on each side keeps the cover closed but still allowing arms to move freely in and out. I also love the ties because they safe-guard me from gusty winds that tend to come whenever I decide to nurse!
  • Keeps me comfortable at the pool, park, lake..etc - I promise you won't want to leave the house without it!
{Side note:  Better pictures, info and ordering info soon to come.}

1 comment:

Zufelts said...

Uber Cute!!!! I love them! See you in a few short days


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