Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What will the neighbors think?

Welcome to my first post of what will the neighbors think!  Let me explain how this came about... I like projects, there I said it.  Over the years (since we bought this house) when "doing" my projects they usually tend to done in my garage or front yard.  We (hubby and I) have done a million things - some day maybe I will show you (if you're bored enough).  But this most recent redo is what I attribute this title to. These bad boys!  The rocking chairs were given to us by some some good ol' neighbor friends who where moving.  The chairs were white and in poor condition from the weather.  Instead of going the predictable route of painting them black I wanted some punch.  Can anybody say School bus yellow!  Bauhaus Gold looks pretty right - nice and sunny.  Ah ya the chairs looked liked - well ugly.

No one neighbor said they were cute. Only "fun" which means UGLY. And I hated them, embarrassed was I, but I had to let the neighbors think I had lost it. So there they sat for several days until my pride got the better of me and I repainted them Peekaboo Blue by Krylon.  My neighbor whose name starts with a "J" said she hated them and wanted me to remember the name of the paint so that I would never buy that color again. NICE. ( I guess she has some say since she had to see them whenever she opened her blinds.) There you have it and there they sit.  Not predictable, but fresh. Fresh I like!


Megs said...

I wish I was still your neighbor...I would LOVE to look out my window and see your house! ;), did that seem stalkerish to you? ;D LOL
Super cute chairs! Good job girl!!!

J said...

Okay, so I don't recall using the word "hate" thats a pretty harsh word. I think I said they where really "bright"... ;)P.s. I love how creative you are, it inspires me to do projects at my house.


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