Monday, August 9, 2010

What's in a name?

OK, here it goes.  I love the name Udderly Fat, but I have had some good critical advice from some gals who know what they are talking about. I am worried that the term "fat" could be taken offensively and that is never my intention. It was suggested that Udderly Covered would be a great name, however there is of course already "udder covers" (Lame get your own material!) so obviously I cannot use that.   So now I am conducting a focus group.  Want to help?  Great!  Please vote and I would love to hear your comments-opinions.  I will not be offended, I want real opinions!

No name.


Zufelts said...

I think that the name is perfect! I don't think women would be offended by the word obviously they are looking for something to hide their 'fat' in the first place. Besides would they be offended by being compared to a cow?? JMO =)They name is as unique as the product =)

Keri said...

Tammi and I were talking and what about udderly PHAT (pretty hot and tempting!) just a thought, just change the spelling, keep the name!

MillerTime said...

Keri stole the words right out of my mouth... when you told me the name, that's what I assumed the spelling was... :-) I come from a different part of the country than you do, and that's how I roll, and that's how my fat rolls roll!!!

J said...

I thought the name was perfect! But if we must choose another I really like udderlyloved! I agree with the bovine comment, that offended me more ;)


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