Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We told the kids that they have to kiss the fish they catch.... I bet they'll be mad when they are older and realize that it wasn't neccesary. Kissy Kissy Fishy Fishy
Bump on a log... Thanks for keeping our fishing poles in working order!
The master at work
...and that's just the half of it!


Keri Hennefer said...

So I haven't checked your blog forever! How come I find out more from reading your blog than from being your neighbor? Such cute pics of McKinlee and Cadence waking up Sidney, sorry about that. And Kyle riding without training wheels! Way to go! Sounds like you guys had fun camping, we are dying to go. Maybe we could be better friends, and talk more! He He! Or maybe I just need to be around more!

Megan B. said...

So did you tell Sydney to kiss the fish or eat the fish, ewwww. Those pics are priceless- I forsee a fabulous scrapbook page...I just wish I would be there to watch Sharina help you when you get stuck, just kidding! You guys look like you had soo much fun, I am jealous So far this year with the girls on year round school and Josh's weird schedule the only overlapping vacation time we had was when Izzy was born. See ya, Love, Megs

Nicole B. said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time. Now, I want to know if you guys actually ate all those fish?


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