Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lemonade: 25 cents / Lemonade stand: Priceless

Every American kid has to have a lemonade stand

Several weeks ago Kyle decided that he wanted to earn money for his mission fund. He wanted to have a lemonade stand and serve customers. So to work we went. We made yummy lemonade, made a sign, set a price, and waited...

so what's the problem mom? Why aren't they coming?

chillin' waiting for the next person to serve

Who can resist this?

The pay off!!! Wahoooo

Thanks to all those who purchased lemonade from my little slugger!


Tristen said...

That is so cute of Kyle!! Let me just say how yummy your peaches look! I canned some a couple of years ago and I think I need to do some more now that I see yours!!

MathisFam said...

Super Cute! He had more success than Carson would get here. I'm impressed that you canned peaches!!!

Heidi said...

Hey Leilani! This is Heidi. I found your blog from Heather's. Yeah! Your family is so cute and I'm excited to stay in touch. :)

Megs said...

I so wish that we were close enough to aid Kyle in his monetary endeavor! What an adorable little munchkin! I could just eat him up, not to mention that the lemonade looks quite refreshing.
Good Job Kyle!!!


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