Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stupid dag blast it fly #$%@#$^#$%^#$%^&

I am sitting here trying to blog, and this stupid fly won't leave me alone. Normally if a fly gets in the house it just hangs around the window, waiting for its untimely death. But this dang fly won't get off of me and it has the nerve to land on my nose, and I very well can't wack myself with a fly swater. EWWW and OUCH! But the worst thing is that I actually showered today.... So leave me alone! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

How sad I'm angry and having dialogue about a fly...


Megan B. said...

Quite honestly the funniest part of the omnious 'fly blog' is that you are irritated of getting dirty because you showered today...just wait- a few more kids and it will be I showered yesterday...*sigh*

Lisa-Lou-Who said...

Leilani-hey. We need to get together. For more reason than 1. I need an update. :)

M&J said...

Gotta love those flys :) So I get ctx all day long and they are getting a little stronger but they wont get consistant. And sex is outta the question Mat is not impressed haha. I refuse to do the castor oil yuck!!!!! I walk myself though :) So I am curious when you guys will be up for a visit well one where all of you can make it.

Frehner Family said...

so i hear you have spies these days! Stinker! So what's the word on the cruise? Krista was saying you might have to change the date or something. If you are coming we should get together for dinner one night or something..
I tried to call you but there was no answer...and now i didn't leave a message. My # is 928-965-7416
(assuming none of your readers are 12 year old kids who like to crank call people)

Megan said...

Leilani, You always keep me laughing... even if it is just about an annoying fly! I hope things are going great for you guys.


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