Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preschool Moments

Today Kyle had a very exciting adventure!
Destination: Pumpkin Patch
He went on his very first field trip, and as if it could
get any better, they road on a bus to get there!
For as long as I can remember Kyle has begged to go on school bus.
So as one can imagine, both Kyle and I were super stoked!
Here is the proof that I was one crazy mom...
Crazy with excitement for HIM!
I bet he would look happier, if his "crazy mom" would
get the camera outta his face!Yes, I was there with my camera waiting for the bus to arrive
In my defense, I wasn't the only camera happy mom standing there

They each picked out one pumpkin that they brought home!
Tell me his isn't cute- I dare you!
Standing in the truck with all the pumpkins
On the road again...Let's go eat at the park!


Keri Hennefer said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Leilani,
Happy Birthday to you!

Malinda said...

Happy Birthday Leilani.

I really like that picture of Kyle holding his pumpkin, he really does look cute holding it.

My 2 younger kids have been to the pumpkin patch this year and Zach picked out a really big pumpkin that he can't even carry himself.

hecklerwife said...

Last year Zoe got to go on the bus to the pumpkin patch too...she smiled the entire ride. What fun!

The Royal Family said...

happy belated Leilani!

Heather and EJ said...

Happy Birthday girl!!! You are so OLD! Man I'm glad that I'm not THAT old. week though.. How are you?

Parkinson's said...

Leilani!!! I have been thinking about you so much lately! I've wanted to know how you are doing and where the heck you are! I'm so glad you found me! Are you still in S.G.? We should get together!I'm sure Kayli would love to play with your cute kids. You look great by the way! I've missed ya girl! What's your email? We can talk through that and get each other phone #'s. Love ya!


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