Friday, October 10, 2008

Lost in St.George

This Tuesday we went down to St. George to see Les Miserables. Before the show we went to dinner at The Texas Roadhouse. Despite the snotty girls working there we had a great time! But my camera fell out of my purse, so now I have to blog without pictures until I get it back. What a bummer. Blogging isn't blogging without pics. Oh, well we had a great night out...Thanks mom for watching the kids.


Cheryl said...

We went to it last night and ABSOLUTELY enjoyed it. Except for the smokers during intermission. Coulda lived without that. Sorry you lost your camera. Bummer!

Lyndsi said...

Hey also thanks for stopping by or inviting us while you were down here! ;) That bites you lost your camera.

Zufelts said...

That sucks!! Karisa Larsen took the pics. Mat is doing good. I noticed my cc hasn't been charged yet. Did you need some more info??

we are GIBSON said...

Hey Leilani,

I found your blog through Keri's... hope you don't mind that I posted a link to yours from mine! Anyway, thanks for having me over for your layers party! You're so cute and fun!



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