Monday, October 13, 2008

Forgotten Carols

Every year we love going to the Forgotten Carols! This year we happened to be on the ball and decided to buy tickets early, instead of scrounging for them two weeks before! However, even being as early as we are they were almost gone. We realized that if you buy 10 tickets they give you a good discount. So we purchased 10 tickets! We are using probably 5 of the tickets, but if you are interested contact me and I'll save them for you!
Date: Dec 17th
Time: 7:30
Cox Auditorium/Dixie College Campus
Ticket Price:


Caitlin and Jason Robison said...

Shut right up! Charmaine and I just bought our tickets for the 18th, like literally an hour ago!! How funny! Yeah, I have young women's on the 17th, or we woulda gone that night too!! CRazy! I'm so excited, though!! Do you remember when we went?? Was that the year we were both prego? Or was it the next year? I can't remember!

Eldon Karratti said...

Do you still have those tickets for the Forgotten Carols available?

Eldon Karratti said...

If they are available will you please call my cell (435) 703-3473 Thank You!


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