Friday, October 31, 2008

As of Late

I tend baby Taylee every now and then,
and Sydney thinks it's her sole responsibilty to mother
and entertain her. Luckily I have two bouncy seats!
It puts it into perspective, how not-so little Sydney is anymore.
Where is my baby? We went to a carnival the other day.
Sydney and Kyle's costumes weren't finished yet ,
so I put sydney in her back-up Tinker Bell costume...And borrowed this pirate costume from a friend...
aren't they cute!

Tuesday night we carved pumpkins - oh how crafty these boys areSydney and Ruby were so yucky... Thanks Krista for bathing them!
Oh So Spooky!

1 comment:

Malinda said...

I think your kids are so cute. Sydneys costume as TinkerBell is to cute. I love TinkerBell, so if I could of found an adult costume of Tinkerbell for Halloween maybe I would of dressed up. Kyle looks good as a Pirate. 2 of my kids dressed up for the Ward Halloween Party and well my 4 year old didn't even want to wear his Batman costume, oh well. Hope you had a Happy Halloween.


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