Friday, July 25, 2008

Training Wheels NO MORE

Yesterday, our neighbor Matt was teaching his little girl Carlee to ride her bike without training wheels, they asked if Kyle wanted to try riding her bike, and what do you know!! He was off and riding like an old pro within minutes. Then he insisted we take his training wheels off his bike. I was sad at first because of course Justin was working and was missing out on another milestone in Kyle's life, but luckily he was near by and was able to stay for a while. It was the perfect ending to our day. Kyle was proud of himself, and I was glad that Justin was there!

Good Job Carlee and Kyle

Our wonderful neighbor Matt teaching Kyle... Thanks Matt


M&J said...

How exciting!!! Crazy how fast they grow up. We moved in with my parents, so we could afford to buy our property. We did paint her room and all that fun stuff, it was kinda sad but we decieded it would be easier to move before she arrived. I have been having a few contractions but nothing regular. Not to much longer.


Crazy! That is pretty impressive for a 3 year old! Is Kyle big for his age? He is so grown up! Hope your family is all doing well! How is your dad by the way? Just curious!

Megan said...

WOW I'm impressed! Lexy just learned how to ride her big without training wheels this spring. She has so much more fun on her bike now and wants to ride it all the time. I hope you guys are doing well.

Frehner Family said...

So I hear you are going on a cruise to mexico in november for 5 are we! When and where?

Heather and EJ said...

Leilani!! Oh my gosh I totally just came across your blog! How are you doing?!

Megan B. said...

Hey there girl! It is Megan Barton, I can't believe how big your twerps are! I was looking at Nicole's and I saw a little girl and said out loud- that HAS to be Sydney, she looks just like Kyle! Beautiful! Our new little(OK, not-so-little: 10lbs 12oz at birth)#4, Elizabeth is fat and adorable...not to mention it is amazing that she has lived this long with Sam and Emily around. Luckily Amanda saves her from them regularly! We are still boiling in Henderson, NV. 112degrees a couple of days ago, ugh. I am finally moving out of the stone ages and setting up a blog of my own...yeah, yeah, yeah I know that I am old- watch it young whipper snapper! tee hee. Tell Kyle GREAT job on the bike. Hi to Justin, Kyle and little Syndey too. I'll be in touch soon! Love ya, Megs
PS I miss my girlfriends!


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